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Zionism Denial

Israelis do not ‘revel’ in the Holocaust as a source of legitimacy for their state. They mourn a vision of a state that could have been home to so many more. Zionism sought a state for the Jews not so … Continue reading

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Remembering D-Day When America had Real Leadership

70 years ago the greatest generation made the push to end the rule of the Nazis over Europe. Operation Overlord was in full in swing and the bravest of the brave were hitting the beaches. 9,000 soldiers died that day. … Continue reading

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D-Day June 6, 1944

Somehow I don’t think these men were fighting and dieing for an IRS out of control, government overlords and an America administration filled with elitists that hate their own country. I know Saving Private Ryan was only a movie but … Continue reading

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