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Alienation and the Reality of a Renegade Jew

Well that didn’t take long. The Jewish-American community has once again alienated my family. I foolishly thought for a moment there during this last election cycle, that I found a way back to the Jewish world after having left due … Continue reading

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Rabbi Conundrum part 2

Repost from 2011 I wrote an earlier piece about the issues concerning my Rabbi, who has never met a leftist, an Israel-basher or an Islamists that he did not like. I had issues with leaving my Temple because this Rabbi … Continue reading

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A Reminder of Why I Left the Reform Movement

The following article (after the break) is a repost from December 2011. Last week’s ill-conceived and insulting letter published by some self-important, egocentric, self-styled “Jewish-American leaders” demanding Israel take chances for peace, while ignoring the historical and political realities of … Continue reading

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