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Everything is Stupid Only if You Allow It

My new post at Times of Israel   Everything is stupid. The kids are not ok. The Jewish community in America is on the decline. Since time immemorial social commentators have decided that the generation that follows is self-destructive, lazy, … Continue reading

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Trigger Warnings, Honest Realities and Stupid Celebrity Tricks

Trigger warnings is this new phenomenon on college campuses that try to cocoon our children from words that might cause them consternation, bad thoughts, bring back bad memories and generally make them feel uncomfortable. Now granted that there are many … Continue reading

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Brats are made not born, Yes it’s a parenting fail

Cross-posted at Raising Asperger’s Kids By now I am certain that you have heard about the court case in New Jersey, where an 18-year-old is suing her parents to force them to pay for the end of her private high … Continue reading

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The Fascists of Massachusetts…Can what is happening to the Pelletier family happen to you?

cross-posted at Raising Asperger’s Kids One of the greatest unspoken fears that any parent of a special needs child lives with is that the State decides that they know better how to care for your child then you do. That … Continue reading

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Modern Punditry, Bullying and the Channeling of Bitchy Adolescents: Shame on US

A brand new addition has opened up at the national archives, Founders Online. People can now, with a click, read documents written by some of the great founding persons of our nation. Washington, George (30,204) Jefferson, Thomas (11,129) Madison, James … Continue reading

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