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As I see it right now…

I had thought that I would start writing on my political blog once again, considering the ripe atmosphere for commentary. But I find myself bored. Not so much that there aren’t problems, but as usual everyone is only complaining and … Continue reading

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Texas and California; Different Sides, Same Coin

It seems the pro-lifers, conservatives, the statists, the progressives, and those wanting a single payer healthcare system have something in common this week. Tragedy. In Texas a brain-dead woman is being kept alive against her family’s wishes because she is … Continue reading

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So You Want Government Controlled Healthcare?

In Britain apparently a social worker decided that a woman from Italy was an unfit parent because the pregnant woman in question, as a bipolar individual, had a panic attack requiring hospitalization. The hospital social worker had the pregnant woman … Continue reading

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It’s Fun When the “Old Gray Lady” Gets A Well Deserved Thrashing

The “Old Gray Lady,” aka The New York Times, was thoroughly thrashed this time by Ann Althouse, law professor and blogger, who writes at the aptly named Althouse. Today she took on the reflexive need of Obama cheerleaders to yell … Continue reading

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Romney Was Right

Washington Free Beacon But- but- but-but abortion, birth control pills, obamaphones, gay marriage…..dumbasses.

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Advertising for Obamacare

This is what happens when you never set limits or boundaries for children and then let them run the country.

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