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Alienation and the Reality of a Renegade Jew

Well that didn’t take long. The Jewish-American community has once again alienated my family. I foolishly thought for a moment there during this last election cycle, that I found a way back to the Jewish world after having left due … Continue reading

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How to Talk About Israel on a College Campus

Because there is so much hate and misinformation about Israel on some campuses, this video is a great tool.

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Rabbi Conundrum part 1 (And a serch for a new President Awesome Mcbadass

Repost from 2011 What do you do when you admire your religious leader for his compassion and caring but hate hate hate his politics. I have written before about my Rabbi, who belongs to such groups as JStreet  (not Z … Continue reading

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Rabbi Conundrum part 2

Repost from 2011 I wrote an earlier piece about the issues concerning my Rabbi, who has never met a leftist, an Israel-basher or an Islamists that he did not like. I had issues with leaving my Temple because this Rabbi … Continue reading

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Reminder of Why Jstreet is not Welcome into the Mainstream

Alan Dershowitz destroys JStreet in this latest editorial.  HERE Meanwhile here is the trailer for the JStreet Challenge:   This video is several years old, but it is relevant to the latest argument by JStreet that they should be included … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Jewish-American Community: What is wrong with you?

This post has been updated from the original. So I am reposting it. The Jewish Community Relations Council in conjunction with UJA-Federation have decided to allow groups into the Salute to Israel Parade that promote the BDS movement, which seeks … Continue reading

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