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How to be a Left-wing Apologist for Antisemitism

nine easy ways in which you can be an apologist for left-wing antisemitism. all used against me in the last 2 days. pic.twitter.com/nmRbShuEBj — spencer sunshine (@transform6789) August 11, 2016  

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US Govt to Return Stolen Iraqi Jewish Artifacts to Judenrein Iraq Instead of to Jewish Owners

If you actually believed that the US State Department has any respect for Jewish heritage and history this insult would be enough to dissuade you of that ignorance. From PJ Media: The National Archives is readying an exhibit of Iraqi … Continue reading

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Understanding That the Past Creates the Future

Ruth Calderon, a new member of the Israeli Knesset and Talmud scholar, discusses in this speech about the need for children to understand their Jewish heritage. This is essential not only for Israeli Jews but for Jews worldwide. For too … Continue reading

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