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The Origins of the Boycott Against Israel

No, it is not peaceful. It is an antisemitic movement aimed at  Jewish genocide

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Yes, BDS is antisemitic, and has nothing to do with human rights

From Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of Great Britain

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How to Con America and Get a Nuclear Bomb

From Wayne Kopping, director of Beneath the Helmut and Shoshana Palatnik, director of Crossing the Line 2: The New Face of Antisemitism on Campus for the Clarion Project How to Con America and Get a Nuclear Bomb in 4 easy … Continue reading

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Ideology, Defined but What Does it Really Mean?

From Prager University: Is it wrong to have an ideology? Exactly what does that mean anyway..ideology? Ask Jonah Goldberg…. Ideology is all well and good unless it prevents the people involved from solving today’s issues. The reality is that sometimes … Continue reading

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