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Averting Another Aleppo

Dr. Dore Gold and Prof. Alan Dershowitz discuss the situation in Aleppo, Syria, and what can and should be done to prevent war crimes. Alternatively, Dershowitz being a renown US Constitutional scholar, there is the invariable question about the presidential … Continue reading

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War Crimes in Gaza

From documentary producer Pierre Rehov

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Telling off European Double Standards

Caroline Glick tells off the Danish Ambassador to Israel when he says that Israel should insist on being held to a double standard.

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Is Israel’s Response To Hamas Rockets Disproportionate?

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The World? is “Offended” by the Use of Chemical Weapons…UPDATED

So we have finally heard from the Obama administration through the erstwhile Secretary of State John Kerry, that they are “offended” by the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Offended….such a nice neat little word to sum up what should … Continue reading

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The Legal Status of Israeli Settlement Activity

Once again Professor Eugene Kontorovich discusses  international law and the status of Israeli settlement activity. Very enlightening to say the least.   h/t BBC Watch

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