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The hate that begins with the Jews never ends with the Jews

Once again Rabbi Jonathan Sacks talks about the state of Europe, and the disease of the world’s oldest hatred.

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How to be a Left-wing Apologist for Antisemitism

nine easy ways in which you can be an apologist for left-wing antisemitism. all used against me in the last 2 days. pic.twitter.com/nmRbShuEBj — spencer sunshine (@transform6789) August 11, 2016  

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The Constriction of Western Intelligentsia

Professor Richard Landes of Boston University, at AIS in Los Angeles. Read his blog at Augean Stables. Read the al durah project to find out more about this form of lethal journalism discussed in the above video.

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Holocaust Inversion and the Right to Kill Jews

h/t Engage-the anti-racist campaign against antisemitism

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