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As I see it right now…

I had thought that I would start writing on my political blog once again, considering the ripe atmosphere for commentary. But I find myself bored. Not so much that there aren’t problems, but as usual everyone is only complaining and … Continue reading

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The Fascist-Left and the Destruction of the Liberal Mind

Anyone paying attention realized that this past commencement season has been marred by the most inane and disingenuous nonsense ever seen on a college campus. The uninviting of speakers to these academic bastions of free thought has reached duplicitous proportions.  … Continue reading

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Being Anti-Islam and Standing Up for Western Values

From Pat Condell….doesn’t mean you hate Moslems. In fact it means you believe in western values including equal rights for women (NO: FGM, gender apartheid, honor murders, child marriage), freedom of speech, freedom of religion (no blasphemy laws, forced conversions) … Continue reading

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Her Own Words

    HERE is a link to her Foundation and some informational pages: HONOR VIOLENCE FORCED MARRIAGE FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION Here are some relevant articles on the Brandeis controversy: Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her own words Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s response … Continue reading

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Just Imagine: What Would You Give Up for an Education?

From TED-ED Just Imagine….Bargaining  for your education by agreeing to undergo female genital mutilation. Kakenya Ntaiya made a deal with her father: She would undergo the traditional Maasai rite of passage of female circumcision if he would let her go … Continue reading

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How to be a Racist

From Pat Condell Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/relig… Government intervenes at school taken over by Muslim radicals http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/relig… Woman did not show her face at Heathrow airport http://www.asianimage.co.uk/news/1104… British schools where girls must wear the Islamic … Continue reading

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