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The hate that begins with the Jews never ends with the Jews

Once again Rabbi Jonathan Sacks talks about the state of Europe, and the disease of the world’s oldest hatred.

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Discussion of Antisemitism at Central Synagogue

This discussion took place at London’s Central Synagogue on Feb. 19, 2015. It is definitely worth the watch.

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Remembering D-Day When America had Real Leadership

70 years ago the greatest generation made the push to end the rule of the Nazis over Europe. Operation Overlord was in full in swing and the bravest of the brave were hitting the beaches. 9,000 soldiers died that day. … Continue reading

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The Story of the Jews Part 3- The Enlightenment

Part 1 Part 2

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Why Europe Has a Problem with Israel

From Prager University   Remember too, that these same European elites who denounce Israel, are so self-important that they voted themselves the Nobel Peace Prize. This was their way of telling the world that their ideals about government are the … Continue reading

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Some Other Reasons to Vote No on Hagel…..

Since many are supporting Chuck Hagel for SecDef based upon his position as foreign policy and national security wonk of the Obama administration, it seems only fair to review that administration’s world view…Let’s go to the replay: Biggest mistake was … Continue reading

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