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Breaking Down the Choice for POTUS

This is what we get to choose from for POTUS: 1) A misogynist sociopathic bully who made fun of a disabled reporter, who happily dog whistles to antisemites, racists and xenophobes. Who has no experience, no understanding of the Constitution … Continue reading

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Why America Invaded Iraq

From Prager University While the American invasion of Iraq remains controversial there are valid reasons behind it. It is important to remember what really led to the war and not the meme that the MSM and the Left want you … Continue reading

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Contretemps and Candidates…the GOP POTUS Run Begins

The GOP is running scared. They are terrified of a Hillary Clinton presidential run. They see her as a lightening rod that will embolden the feminist-left (plus those other unthinking vagina endowed individuals), in the same manner that Obama’s candidacy … Continue reading

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How frightening is this Hillary 2016 reality?

Can you imagine that looking down at you on a daily basis and deciding your future? It’s reminiscent of the boogeyman in a child’s nightmare. Meanwhile not one mention of Benghazi in the entire NYT article and then this latest … Continue reading

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New Hamas Terror Tunnel Unearthed; PA Squandered 2 Billion Euros

The IDF this morning, unearthed and destroyed a 1.5 mile long tunnel leading from the Gaza strip to a local kibbutz. It opened up right next to a kindergarten. HERE And HERE see video of tunnel. Apparently Hamas used the … Continue reading

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The Left Proves that Feminism is Dead; Enabling Huma and Hillary

Not sure what to make of Huma Abedin. I understand that everyone’s marriage is compromise and understanding. I understand that you cannot read what is in someone else’s bedroom. But seriously…what is it going to take for her to get … Continue reading

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