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Fat-Shaming, Body Image and a Culture of Dehumanization

The Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence, has come under attack for saying that calling someone “fat” on television should be illegal. She makes the point that there are regulations that prohibit the use of many different kinds of words and relegates … Continue reading

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Another Child Bullied to Death; When Will Parents do Their Damn Job?

cross-posted at Raising Asperger’s Kids At least in this case there have been some arrests HERE More HERE But it still comes down to these fundamental issues: where were the parents in all of this? Why did they not pay … Continue reading

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Modern Punditry, Bullying and the Channeling of Bitchy Adolescents: Shame on US

A brand new addition has opened up at the national archives, Founders Online. People can now, with a click, read documents written by some of the great founding persons of our nation. Washington, George (30,204) Jefferson, Thomas (11,129) Madison, James … Continue reading

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Autism-Meme as Political Insult

Cross posted at Raising Asperger’s Kids One of the biggest issues facing punditry is how to get your point across elegantly while excoriating the “other” point of view. Sadly many in this so-called adult world of political discussion, argumentation and  … Continue reading

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