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The Kotel Balagan (Kerfluffle)

My latest in the Times of Israel In the way of background to this article, there was an agreement between the Israeli government and the Jewish Agency, representing Diaspora Jewry, that an area of the Western Wall (Kotel) would be … Continue reading

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2015

Originally posted on Anne's Opinions:
Holocaust Memorial Day The world cries “Never Again” every year on the annual International Holocaust Memorial Day. And yet, seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz and the defeat of the Nazis by the…

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Bibi Addresses “Chickensh**gate”

By now you have heard about chickenshitgate. A classless anonymous source in the White House delineated to reporter Jeffrey Goldberg, a list of names that this administration uses to describe the Prime Minister of Israel. One of those names was … Continue reading

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The Importance of the Words “Jewish State”

It is not something new, as Bibi’s detractors would have you believe, to have the Palestinians, or the Arabs in general for that matter, accept Israel as a Jewish State. In fact, contrary to our President, and the erstwhile Secretary … Continue reading

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Bibi Needs to Keep the Ukraine in Mind this Week

This week Bibi  is returning to the United States, ostensibly to talk to the AIPAC conference, but to also hold talks with Obama about the future of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace process and Iran’s search for a nuclear weapon. Or rather … Continue reading

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