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Historical Map of Pogroms in MENA

There is an insidious lie that Jewish communities lived peacefully among their Moslem overlords since the time of Mohammed, and that only with the advent of Zionism did that relationship change. This historical map, which shows massacres of Jewish communities … Continue reading

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Kristallnacht, 75 Years Ago

In memorium for those that died and continue to die, because of intolerance, evil and hate.   To learn more about kristallnacht HERE

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US Govt to Return Stolen Iraqi Jewish Artifacts to Judenrein Iraq Instead of to Jewish Owners

If you actually believed that the US State Department has any respect for Jewish heritage and history this insult would be enough to dissuade you of that ignorance. From PJ Media: The National Archives is readying an exhibit of Iraqi … Continue reading

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Why Europe Has a Problem with Israel

From Prager University   Remember too, that these same European elites who denounce Israel, are so self-important that they voted themselves the Nobel Peace Prize. This was their way of telling the world that their ideals about government are the … Continue reading

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BDS Baloney and Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy thy essence is calling for a boycott of Israel…here are some fun posters on the subject of one of the movements leaders, Omar Barghouti:                               … Continue reading

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Celebrate a Unified Jerusalem, Capital of Israel

From 1948 til 1967 the city of Jerusalem was divided between Israel and the nation of TransJordan. Jordan had illegally attacked Israel on the day of her birth and then illegally occupied the city of Jerusalem for 19 years. During … Continue reading

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