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Texas and California; Different Sides, Same Coin

It seems the pro-lifers, conservatives, the statists, the progressives, and those wanting a single payer healthcare system have something in common this week. Tragedy. In Texas a brain-dead woman is being kept alive against her family’s wishes because she is … Continue reading

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Brave New World? Apparently A New Untermenchen Law is on the Way

Well lookie here apparently conservatives are none too happy with the fact that a young girl with cystic fibrosis received lungs and is now not going to drown in her own saliva. Fancy that. These same people rail against the … Continue reading

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The Sanctimonious Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Homemakers Insulted Yet Again on So Many Levels

Cross posted at Raising Asperger’s Kids Read another post from Raising Asperger’s Kids,  “Dissing the SAHM…” There was something of a kerfuffle recently when a former Princeton graduate wrote a letter to her alumni newspaper telling the young women who … Continue reading

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Something is Terribly Wrong with Planned Parenthood

The Weekly Standard has a video exchange between a Planned Parenthood representative and some Florida state legislatures. Apparently Planned Parenthood believes that it is fine to kill a child that survives an abortion. In my world we call that murder. … Continue reading

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