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Breaking Down the Choice for POTUS

This is what we get to choose from for POTUS: 1) A misogynist sociopathic bully who made fun of a disabled reporter, who happily dog whistles to antisemites, racists and xenophobes. Who has no experience, no understanding of the Constitution … Continue reading

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When Politicians Say You Don’t Need a Gun

h/t The Right to Bear Arms

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The Second Amendment Explained

It’s in the grammar.

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This Ad was Rejected for the Super Bowl but I Bet There will be Ads with Women’s Breasts Hanging Out

Read my take HERE.

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Huffington Post a Little Desperate on Gun Control

Received this email yesterday. Personally I think it’s quite creepy. It definitely appears that as a news source Huffington Post has a problem actually using journalistic methods to support their positions. FYI Huffington Post: It’s called leg-work and investigative journalism, … Continue reading

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Obama’s Gun Control Protection Device

A.F. Branco h/t Legal Insurrection   By the way, I have no problem if someone really believes in gun control. Just man up about it and stand your ground on your own two feet and with your spine erect instead … Continue reading

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