It’s not “Resistance” when you defend the Constitution, It’s being an American and Love of Country

I know I disappeared for a good while.

I had discussed Constitutional issues, foreign policy issues, domestic issues and how it all related to the Obama administration on this blog. After a while, the posts became boring, a repeat of the same language, ideas and complaints. There is no value in repeating yourself ad nauseam, and accomplishing nothing. In truth, I only had to repost an article or retweet a thought and 2016 could have been 2009.

But things have changed. Greatly changed. The incoming President of the United States is a man without morals, ethics, and respect for the democratic nature of our nation. He has no idea how to govern, and seems to think he can rule by fiat. What I fear is that the GOP led Congress, and the GOP controlled states are going to let him.

So I am back here to bear witness to what will be happening with the Trump Administration. I will hold him, and his minions, to the same level of honesty, decency, and love of the Constitution, the separation of powers, that I held the Obama administration.

Many call standing up to a President Trump “resistance.” But it is not resistance to love the US Constitution, and to demand its adherence by those in power. It is not resistance to demand that our rule of law be applied to all equally, especially those with the power to destroy other people’s lives. It is not resistance to demand that our elected officials remember that they are our servants, and are there to improve our lives while protecting our right to eviscerate their every move if we find it objectionable.

It is not resistance. It is love of country.

The USA has elected to it’s highest office a man who has channeled the baser instincts of humanity in order to be elected. He threatens, he maligns, he lies, he insults, and he projects hate, divisiveness and otherism.  It is not that he is a phoney conservative, that gives me pause. I am not a conservative, but a Constitutionalist. It is his personality, and his self-righteous narcissism of embracing autocrats like that evil kleptocrat Putin, who has in turn helped sustain the butcher of Syria Assad, and those who would destroy the very fabric of our nation, that is objectionable. One need not even look  at his policy declarations to find this man anathema to which everything the United States stands. One need only look at his pronouncements.

And as those who have been faithful readers of my blog know, I am not a leftist, a Democrat, or an unquestioning liberal. I am a registered Independent  that tends to vote Republican. I am a proud member of those who called themselves #NeverTrumpers, and I will always be  #NeverTrump.

No, I do not think HRC was a good candidate. Her flaws were so measurable that it was embarrassing to have her as the first female candidate for POTUS from a major American party. But compared to Trump she was the lesser of two evils. Yes, it was who was least horrible, instead of being proud to vote for president. It was more about voting to try to prevent a disaster walking into the Oval Office.

In truth, this is the first time in my life I had to choose between supporting someone who was pro-Israel, yet who was objectionable on every other level that I hold important. I found Clinton someone who I actually believe is a threat, as Obama is a threat, to the survival of the Jewish people. A threat, by the way, that was proven with last week’s UN vote in the security council. But yet she is someone withwhom we may have been able to work with,  within the boundaries of our republic, to protect not only our nation the United States, but our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel.

Whether we would fight Clinton’s actions in Congress, in the states, or on the international field,  she would still understand her role as POTUS. And understand the  branches’ separation, and that power, ultimately lies with the People of this country. As a friend remarked to me, even Pence with his attitude toward gay rights, and the absurd notion that evolution did not happen, is preferable to Trump, because Pence is a democrat (small “d”). Someone who loves, and understands the Constitution, and how this nation governs itself. As a democrat (small “d”), he would work within the system, and you could in good faith and without fear, challenge his policies without threatening our way of life. This is not so with Trump.

This is how I broke down my choices for POTUS.

And while Trump can be seen as a very proIsrael candidate, we do not know what he will do in the future. He may have tweeted out his disdain for the UN, and it’s recent security council resolution, it is still questionable just how proIsrael he may be with some of his administrative appointments so far.

But what we do know about Trump is that his whims are unbound, and his thin-skin reveals itself on his twitter timeline.  Moreover, how proIsrael is someone who is happy to unleash the altRight on the United States? You can’t be proIsrael and support Jew-hatred. You can’t be proIsrael and turn a blind eye to racists. You can’t be proIsrael and be a misogynist. You can’t be proIsrael and be antidemocratic. You can’t be proIsrael and be against human rights.

No matter what the Jew-haters would have you believe. Israel is a bastion of freedom in a region of the world that is imploding with religious hatred, sectarian violence and genocide. Israel is a liberal democracy living with extraordinary circumstances. Circumstances Western democracies now find themselves having to deal with, and quite frankly, despite their public pronouncements at the United Nations, they are asking for Israel’s help and support. Don’t agree with me? Watch these educational videos Here. Here. Here.Then let’s talk.

And if you threaten the first line of defense, Israel, and side with those committing barbarous acts emanating out of the Middle East, side with the autocrats supporting those barbarisms like Putin, thus endangering the United States and the western world, how proUSA are you, in truth? So yes, if you are proUSA, you are proIsrael, and antiPutin and his coterie consisting of the new axis of evil.

As we enter this very interesting and fraught time in our nation’s history, I will be watching, writing, and demanding adherence to our Constitutional legacy, rights and precepts. I will be demanding that the Trump administration live up to the rules and regulations of our Constitutional republic. I will be demanding a thoughtful and strong foreign policy, a return to Pax Americana, an understanding of societal and civil rights, domestic initiatives that help all the citizens of this nation, and adherence to conventional behavioral norms. Just like I did with the Obama administration.

So, yes, I am back.

But I do not call it “resistance.”

I call it “love of country.”


Just as an aside, here is a comment I left on a post at Israellycool about the rise of Leftist anti-semitism. I deal with  the issues of Obama/Kerry, Israel, and Trump.

The post at Israellycool was a response to John Kerry’s ill-conceived, rambling speech trying to explain the US abstention on that UN security council resolution (referenced above) that basically ignored Jewish attachment to their holy sites in Jerusalem, Jewish indigenous history itself to the Land of Israel, the actual facts concerning the hostilities in the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as the antisemitic incitement and support for terror  against Jewish civilians by the Palestinian governments (and yes governments, two governments to be exact-the PA in Judea and Samaria and Hamas in Gaza).

You are absolutely correct on your analysis of the genesis of antiIsrael sentiment on the Left. However, you might find that the rise of Trump is not the answer. The problem is Trump himself and the people he has begun to put into his administration. The media and the opposition will hold him to what he said during his campaign, and who he had help him. Being proIsrael but enabling the altRight is not going to garner him Jewish supporters from the Democrats. Most Jewish Americans are not going to jump on his bandwagon.

While Trump’s pronouncements are very proIsrael, the rest of his rhetoric is nasty, infantile and dismissive of many social concerns that the country, and especially Jewish Americans, actually supports. His business dealings, as well as his praising of autocrats, is not going to help those who are proIsrael. In the public eye it is still the appearance of impropriety that is more damning than whether what he is dong is legal or not. Everything connected to him will be lumped together. And if he falls, which by the way odds are he will since his pronouncements prove that he has no idea how a democratic government functions, so too will support for Israel.

It is essential that the proIsrael forces keep working with the Democratic party to thwart antiIsrael moves. As we have seen in the past week, Israel still has many loyal friends on both sides of the aisle. Bi-partisan support for Israel is obviously strong. We need to work to keep it that way. Not allowing the antiIsrael fringe, which has yet to prove that is is as powerful as people think, to take over the DNC, would be a good way to start. Remember our politicians are proIsrael because the American people themselves are proIsrael. It is essential to fight to keep it that way.

Its not even that Obama wasn’t the purveyor of antiConstitutional actions, such as the missuse of executive power, but courts did stop him. Or that Obama wasn’t himself thin-skinned and vengeful. It’s that he knew how to mask it so that when fingers were pointed, he could deflect and parry. Yes it is an art. One Trump needs to quickly learn how to master if he wants to have a successful presidency.

Truth is that Trump is bombastic and ill mannered. People may like their politicians to be strong, but being a jackass is not endearing in the longrun.



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With a friend like this who needs Hamas?




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Averting Another Aleppo

Dr. Dore Gold and Prof. Alan Dershowitz discuss the situation in Aleppo, Syria, and what can and should be done to prevent war crimes. Alternatively, Dershowitz being a renown US Constitutional scholar, there is the invariable question about the presidential election and the purpose, need, and use of the electoral college.

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Listen to all the Lessons of Hanukkah

Years ago, in fact more years than I would care to admit, when my sons were in Hebrew school, the school principal remarked to me that she had a hard time with Hanukkah. She took issue with the religious zealotry and imperialism of the Hasmoneans. Now, at the time, I just thought of her as a progressive crank. A well-meaning crank, but a crank, nonetheless. Recent events have led me to rethink my musings on her world view.

Yes, of course, Hanukkah is a joyous occasion in our home. Latkes, dreidels, presents and parties, make this a fun time of year. Celebrating the fight for religious freedom and the strength of the Jews is a wonderful reminder of our own resilience as a People.

But there is a darker side to the Maccabee coin that we all conveniently ignore. After the Hasmoneans dispatched the Assyrian-Greeks, they turned on those Jews they deemed Hellenistic. A civil war ensued. Those Jews seen as a threat to Judaism were killed, or exiled. Afterwards, the Hasmoneans turned their attention to the surrounding nations and in ancient style captured and conquered areas trying to spread their religious ideal.

Understandably life in ancient times was much different than it is today. Your religion was your way of life. To be part of a religion, to practice it as it was meant to be, or prescribed by religious law, is what defined a People. We do not have to like this reality, but that is how politics worked several thousand years ago.

The problem though, is that in today’s day and age, despite having gone through a renaissance, a soul searching and understanding of the humanity of choice and individuality, there is a growing intolerance among so many in the Jewish community….

Read the entire post at Time of Israel

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On Refugees and Intervention Overseas

We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must – at that moment – become the center of the universe.  Elie Wiesel

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Alienation and the Reality of a Renegade Jew

Well that didn’t take long. The Jewish-American community has once again alienated my family. I foolishly thought for a moment there during this last election cycle, that I found a way back to the Jewish world after having left due to the political machinations and the lauding by national Jewish groups of Israel-hating progressives. In truth, I never believed in the Big Tent and I never will. There are some ideals and positions that are just anathema to survival. Supporting suicidal policies to gain approval from those that hate you is simply untenable.

In truth, we are a family of #NeverTrumpers, because misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, ableist and hateful rhetoric, appealing to the baser instincts of humanity never ends well for Jews, no matter what the GOP Party platform says about Jerusalem. But because we voted democratic this time, doesn’t mean that I plan to throw away everything I believe in. My view that Trump was the greater of two evils, doesn’t mean I accept the Leftist progressive vision of the USA. Because Hillary lost doesn’t mean I  need to go running to the altLeft to beg them to accept me as a Jew. A Jew who believes in Jewish self-determination, Jewish equal rights, and that we are an indigenous people in the Land of Israel, in other words, a proud Zionist. I reject the altLeft as much as I reject the altRight. I recognize that the people on the altLeft are antisemitic. They just use different words and have different “friends” than the altRight.

It is a sad state of affairs that many national Jewish organizations, like AJC, and elected Jewish-American officials, are so mortified by the thought of a Trump Presidency that they are joining now with Islamist organizations, and people, that support groups which promote genocide against Jews. ISNA and CAIR support Hamas, Hezbollah, the Moslem Brotherhood, and the BDS movement. These same groups were implicated in the HolyLand terror funding trial, channeling money to Hamas. But AJC is running with outstretched arms to embrace ISNA because Trump is a perversion of what it means to be an American, ignoring that supporters of Hamas also pervert what it means to be an American.

Moreover, ISNA and CAIR   use their national prominence to stand against the Moslem Reform Movement. These are  true Moslem reformers. People who love being Moslem, but who work against the Islamist radicals that have taken over their communities.

ISNA and CAIR advise the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has designated these courageous Moslem reformers as extremists. These groups are trying to destroy people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Majid Nawaz, who are fighting to save their own people from the scourge of Islamism. AJC, ridiculously, does not look to the likes of Dr. Qanta Ahmed, a reformer and pro-Israel Moslem, who sees the danger of Islamism in her own community.

Additionally, the new minority leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, has endorsed Keith Ellison for new DNC head, even though Ellison has association with Islamist and antisemitic organizations. He is called CAIR’s man in Congress after-all. He also votes against Israel every chance he gets, voted for the Iran Deal and is endorsed by JStreet.

If JStreet endorses you, and you support the Iran Deal, you are not pro-Israel. And if you are not pro-Israel, you are definitely not good for the Jews of America. Anti-Zionism is the modern version of anti-semitism.  And holding Israel to a higher standard than other nations, including America’s Moslem friends, is antisemitism in its most basic form. That is Ellison, and it is mortifying that someone of Schumer’s stature thinks to endorse him as a righteous democratic leader.

Instead of soul searching, understanding that the democratic outreach to the radical Left has alienated voters, the democrats double down on the fringe of their party.The present democrats are begging to include the Jew-hating altLeft of Cornell West and James Zogby, because Hillary, who stopped their anti-Israel resolutions in the platform committee, lost.

There is no question that this will lead to a generational tilt towards reactionary republican policies. If you don’t think that the USA is a center-right country, then just look at the republican hold not only on Congress, but on almost 2/3rds of the State legislatures and governorships to see the voter attitude toward the progressive Left. The US is one state legislature away from Republicans being able to amend the US Constitution. And advocating more nonsensical rejected leftist notions, is not going to endear the average American to vote democrat.

What a depressing reality has befallen the Jewish-American community. My family is not socially conservative, so we don’t belong among conservative Jews, but we are also not blind liberals, so we don’t belong among the bourgeoise of the Upper West Side. The irony is that Jewish organizations lament why so many in the Jewish community are uninvolved and seek out groups outside the traditional Jewish-American community to express our citizenship. Well this is why. The Jewish community is many things, inclusive is not one of them. They do not practice what they preach.

These national Jewish groups do not speak for most of us that adhere to socially progressive ideas, but who at the same time don’t need to beg those who hate us, to accept us. Not that any of these national Jewish groups, or their leaders, will seek self-reflection and self-awareness. As with the rest of the progressive world, they view everything through the lens of elitism and ignore the true issues facing Jewish-Americans. They reside in their own echo chamber, and refuse to listen to anyone who doesn’t march in lockstep with them. The biggest issue facing my children isn’t intermarriage, its a Jewish leadership that plays fast and loose with our children’s future, in order to aggrandize themselves into a political party apparatus that has no respect for them as Zionist Jews in the first place.

Again, my family resides in a political wilderness. No Temple-we left the Reform Movement years ago. No political party-we are registered Independents. No place of true acceptance-the ultimate “Renegade Jews.” So where do we go? Well sadly that may actually be outside the Jewish world. And for us that is the saddest reality of all.

Jewish-Americans, Spoiled Brats of History? No, Just the Most Lucky


The original version of my  article was printed in the Times of Israel

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