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America’s Legacy

Sen. John McCain discusses America’s legacy on receiving the US Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal. Advertisements

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Stolen Jewish Archives to be returned to Iraq and not to the Jewish People

The Trump administration has decided to “honor” the  agreement with Iraq to return Jewish items stolen by Saddam Hussein to Iraq and not to the ethnically cleansed Iraqi-Jewish community. I find it rather interesting how the Trump administration selectively decides … Continue reading

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The hate that begins with the Jews never ends with the Jews

Once again Rabbi Jonathan Sacks talks about the state of Europe, and the disease of the world’s oldest hatred.

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Politicus Reductio Ab Jerusalem

Monument built by slave-owning oppressive imperialists on the ruins of temple of indigenous people. I’m *NOT* for tearing it down, though. — Petra Marquardt-B. (@WarpedMirrorPMB) August 22, 2017  

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Why is this so hard to understand?

Nazis bad. Ditto Commies.The south deserved to lose.USA deserves our service and love. Civility & tolerance matter. Why is this so hard? — Walter Russell Mead (@wrmead) August 16, 2017  

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RIP Charlie Gard

Little Charlie Gard has died after being taken off of life support. While it was proven that little Charlie had no brain function, and could not survive without machines, the idea that his parents were denied the right to seek … Continue reading

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