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Israeli Flag on the Brandenburg Gate; Update: Paris City Hall follows suit

To honor, and stand with, those Israelis killed yesterday in the latest terror attack in Jerusalem, Israel, Germany projected the Israeli flag onto the Brandenburg Gate.   What a difference 70 years can make.. History is amazingly fluid. What once … Continue reading

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How to be a Left-wing Apologist for Antisemitism

nine easy ways in which you can be an apologist for left-wing antisemitism. all used against me in the last 2 days. — spencer sunshine (@transform6789) August 11, 2016  

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Breaking Down the Choice for POTUS

This is what we get to choose from for POTUS: 1) A misogynist sociopathic bully who made fun of a disabled reporter, who happily dog whistles to antisemites, racists and xenophobes. Who has no experience, no understanding of the Constitution … Continue reading

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The FACEBOOK Experiment

Two identical pages, but one incites against Jews and the other Palestinians. Guess which one Facebook said violated their community standards and which one did not….

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Foreign Policy Clowns…..continued

From Truth Revolt….its nice how someone else has noticed Foreign Policy Clowns as witnessed on this blog since 2009: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Peace Push Ignores Reality

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Telling off European Double Standards

Caroline Glick tells off the Danish Ambassador to Israel when he says that Israel should insist on being held to a double standard.

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