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Just Sayin’

To the trolls insisting to me that Israel steals people’s organs: just because you’re missing your brain doesn’t mean the Jews took it — Yair Rosenberg (@Yair_Rosenberg) November 4, 2015  

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The FACEBOOK Experiment

Two identical pages, but one incites against Jews and the other Palestinians. Guess which one Facebook said violated their community standards and which one did not….

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Why I am a Jew

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks….

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How to Talk About Israel on a College Campus

Because there is so much hate and misinformation about Israel on some campuses, this video is a great tool.

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How to Insult Progressives….

Pat Condell with a little truth-telling. Free speech is so last century… The progressive ideas behind the lack of free speech on campus… The racism of some anti-racists… Students: Ukip faces prejudice at universities… The left … Continue reading

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Antizionism as Antisemitism

In light of President Obama’s public acknowledgement that anti-Zionism is antisemitism here is a convenient chart outlining this reality by blogger Edgar Davidson: Antisemitism Anti-Zionism Official Definition Hatred of Jews Hatred of the Jewish state What vociferous proponents really want … Continue reading

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