Interesting Blogs and Webzines

Political Blogs and On-Line Magazines

Anne’s Opinions
Augean Stables
Caroline Glick
CiF Watch ( Monitoring the UK Guardian)
Crisis Guide: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Daled Amos
Daphne Anson
EMET (Middle East Truth)
Engage-the anti-racist campaign against antisemitism
Fathom Journal
Founders Online correspondence of six major shapers of the American republic
Gatestone Institute
GLORIA Center (free ebooks)
Honest Reporting
Huffington Post Monitor
Infidel Bloggers Alliance
Israel Hayom
Israel-Picture a Day
Israel’s Documented Story
Melanie Phillips
National Review
No Camels
PJ Media
Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers
Point of no return
Religion Clause: church-state, religious liberty developments
Seraphic Secret
Steyn Online
The American Interest
The Commentator
The Elder Of Ziyon
The Real Jerusalem Streets
The Tower
The Warped Mirror
This Ongoing War
Tom Gross Mideast Media Analysis
United States National Archives

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