Stolen Jewish Archives to be returned to Iraq and not to the Jewish People

The Trump administration has decided to “honor” the  agreement with Iraq to return Jewish items stolen by Saddam Hussein to Iraq and not to the ethnically cleansed Iraqi-Jewish community. I find it rather interesting how the Trump administration selectively decides whether there was overreach with Executive Orders/Agreements from previous administrations.  So far every EO that the Trump administration is honoring somehow insults the Jewish People, or endangers the Jewish State. I wonder what all the republican Jews who voted for Trump have to say for themselves today.

Meanwhile this issue has been going on since 2013, (here) and had been put on hold with hopes of arbitrating a reasonable result. Reasonable of course would mean that the stolen Jewish artifacts would be returned to their rightful owners, and if none could be found then they would go into a repository. And since the largest Iraqi-Jewish community resides in Israel that is where these unclaimed artifacts should go.

But no, that is not going to happen according to the US State Department. According to the US State Department, the Jewish archive belongs to Iraq because it was found in the possession of the Iraqi government at the time of the overthrowing of Saddam Hussein. The fact that these items were stolen didn’t seem to bother the US government. I suppose stealing from Jews, ethnically cleansing them from your country, robbing them of their worldly possessions, is AOK.

Just as an aside, the Georgetown School of Foreign Service, which is a conduit for the US Foreign Service, is heavily funded by the Arab oil states, including endowed chairs funded by Saudi Arabia. Coincidence that those educated with a view towards Arab supremacy in the Middle East disrespect Jewish history and rights? I think not.

Read more about this at Anne’s Opinions at “Stupidity or Malice, The US Government plans to return stolen Jewish artifacts to Iraq.”  Personally my vote is for malice.

Meanwhile there is another petition to sign to try to stop this insult HERE.

This is the well stated purpose of the petition:

“I call upon the US government NOT to return the Jewish archive to Iraq. To do so would compound the injustice done to the Jews of Iraq, whose property it was before they were robbed of it through a deliberate state policy of persecution and ethnic cleansing. The archive should be returned to its rightful owners and assured of proper care and conservation. We suggest communal property goes to Israel, where the greatest concentration of Jews of Iraqi descent are to be found. “


This was my comment:

As a Jew it is essential that the Jewish people retain control of their culture. Jewish items stolen from Jewish people that were dispossessed and ethnically cleansed out of a country, belongs to the Jewish people not their persecutors. Sending the Jewish archives back to Iraq is as if the world returned all artifacts stolen from Jewish people by Nazis Germany, to Germany instead of to the Jewish cultural centers or the descendants of those murdered by their persecutors. The actions by the US Gov’t is an insult to the Jewish world and glosses over the genocide committed by the Iraqi government against their Jewish inhabitants. Shame on the US State Department for disrespecting the worldwide Jewish community and belittling the crimes of the nation of Iraqi towards its Jewish inhabitants. Moreover, by denying the Jewish community the right to retain their historical cultural possessions, the US State Department gives lie to the antisemitic genocidal claim that the Jews are not a separate ethnic people entitled to self-determination and nationalism in their indigenous lands. By refusing to acknowledge the discriminatory position that Jewish inhabitants of Moslem nations lived under during their diaspora the US State Department is now leading the charge in fomenting genocide against the State of Israel.


By the way, the nonsense put forth from the US State Department that the Iraqi government can use these archives to teach their people about Jewish history in Iraq is insulting. Interestingly, the Nazis were also planning to build a Jewish museum once they had slaughtered all the Jews in the world. Funny, in an ironic way, if you think about it. The Nazis lost. There are Jews in Germany and throughout Europe.

Iraq though is living the Nazi dream. They have created a Judenrein land. A place here the Jew-haters can decide what Jewish scholarship means, without ever having to ask any Jews the truth, or hold themselves to any modicum of humanity by acknowledging Iraq’s antiJewish genocidal crimes.

Shame on the US Government and shame on those Republican Trump supporting Jews who do nothing about this.


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    Well said Elise, particularly your comment on the petition.

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