Everything is Stupid Only if You Allow It

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Everything is stupid.

The kids are not ok.

The Jewish community in America is on the decline.

Since time immemorial social commentators have decided that the generation that follows is self-destructive, lazy, and ignorant. They lack morals, ethics and a real purpose in life. If they were more like us, the saying goes, then we would know the future is a lock to be better than the past.

Well I for one am tired of this crap. And yes, it is crap.

The only thing that is stupid about today’s day and age is that the US elected a moron as president. Guess what? He is not the first idiot to hold public office and he is not going to be last. He is also not the first ethically challenged President from either party. Get over it. Stop complaining and do something about him. You don’t like his policies find ways to circumvent him. You don’t like what his party stands for, then vote in his rivals. You don’t like the spin? Turn.Off.The.24hour.News.Cycle.

Just stop bitching all the time. It is annoying. It is unproductive. It is infantile. That is stupid.


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