Here There Be Dragons

In ancient times when sailors came to the end of their maps, they knew the world did not end, but not knowing what was to come they warned, “Here there be dragons.”  For going forward the danger was immense.

Today, the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, and Holocaust survivor, says in response to the latest gas attack by Assad in Syria, that there is genocide happening there. The question  then, is what is the world to do?

Do we rush in?

Do we start a world war? For Russia and Iran are Assad’s patrons and going after Assad means we go after Putin, the Mullahs, and Iran’s proxies in Syria, Hezbollah, which has effectively become the state of Lebanon.

Do we have a no fly zone?

Do we put boots on the ground?

Do we create sanctions?

How do we help the innocents?

Civilized people know that the world needs to send a message.

The world cannot let this pass without action. It endangers our entire order, and the established norms against war crimes.

We truly are in unchartered territory.

Obama’s former Ambassador to Israel, summed up the situation very neatly on twitter.


This truly is unchartered international political territory.

Yes, the danger is immense….

Yes, Here there be dragons……



Meanwhile this is what the United Nations did to Syria today, a day after they committed an atrocious war crime.


The United States and Israel might actually have to stand against these war crimes alone.


UPDATE: The US has launched over 60 Tomahawk missiles at the Syrian base that launched the CW attack. The West is supporting Trump’s decision, while the typical villains, Russia and Iran, are condemning the retaliation as a war crime.

Putin, of course, is calling for an emergency Security Council meeting to condemn the US.

You would laugh if this wasn’t so sad.


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