Israeli Flag on the Brandenburg Gate; Update: Paris City Hall follows suit

To honor, and stand with, those Israelis killed yesterday in the latest terror attack in Jerusalem, Israel, Germany projected the Israeli flag onto the Brandenburg Gate.



What a difference 70 years can make..

History is amazingly fluid.

What once was, does not always have to be….


Addition: Apparently Paris City Hall is also getting into the groove of supporting Israeli terror victims….finally



If I was cynical, I would say that the reason the French  are doing this, when they’ve never done it before,  is because they are going to stab Israel in the back next week during their so-called Peace Conference, and they don’t want to bring about any accusations of being one-sided.

In fact, interestingly enough, it appears  the outcome has already  been decided…Seems its a good idea that Israel refuses to attend.




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