Taking the ethical out of ethics

The House GOP, against the wishes of the Speaker and their leadership, passed a bill to eliminate the independence of the ethics office on the Hill. Luckily, after a huge backlash, they have abandoned this idiocy.

The question though is what were they thinking in the first place?

Are they planning of foregoing any semblance of honor and integrity?

Are they trying to turn the USA into a banana republic?

Heck, this stunt was even too much for Trump, who himself, seems intent on trying to skirt ethics considerations when it comes to his business dealings, and is looking for ways around the ban on relatives being given positions in the administration.

The GOP leadership better get ahold of these embarrassments before they destroy the country.

Actually if I were a democrat I’d be laughing myself silly right now. What a gift. The GOP just gave them a huge gift for the next two years.

Moreover, the vote was taken before the official start of business.

Plus the vote was taken at night.

It didn’t even take one day before the GOP destroyed the goodwill of the American people.

Not exactly an auspicious start to the new GOP  controlled Congress.




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