Breaking Down the Choice for POTUS

This is what we get to choose from for POTUS:

1) A misogynist sociopathic bully who made fun of a disabled reporter, who happily dog whistles to antisemites, racists and xenophobes. Who has no experience, no understanding of the Constitution and no idea how foreign policy works, and oh might actually be a conduit for Putin…

2) On the other hand we have a corrupt liar who is anything but a feminist, who flip flops depending on the latest polling, who is enamored of this deadly Iran deal, berated the Israeli government for building Jews homes, while making excuses for the terror supporting government of the Palestinians, who is so in need of the progressive wing of her party that she had the DNC nix making a Holocaust remembrance statement for fear of upsetting the Berniebot Jew-haters that flew a PLO/Palestinian flag and burned the Israeli one at the DNC convention.

Yeah so not only as an American do my choices suck, but as a Jew I definitely am glad there is a 2nd amendment….

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