The Origin and Meaning of “Religious Liberty”

From The Constitution Center

Part 1:

Panel 1 provides historical analysis of the Founding era and the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment. Participants include Philip Hamburger of Columbia Law School; Marci Hamilton of the Cardozo School of Law; Douglas Laycock of the University of Virginia School of Law; and Michael McConnell of Stanford Law School. Moderated by Jeff Rosen, CEO of the National Constitution Center.


Part 2:

The second panel considers current issues and the limits of religious liberty in a democratic society. Participants include Kristina Arriaga of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty; David French, formerly of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education; Greg Lipper of Americans United for Separation of Church and State; and Robin Fretwell Wilson of the University of Illinois College of Law. Introduced by Jeffrey Rosen at the National Constitution Center. Moderated by Chris Mondics, Legal Affairs Reporter, Philadelphia Inquirer.


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