Dance Tiny Robot; The Quadcopter…AI and the infinite possibilities of human invention

There is so much in this world that causes angst and fear. But there comes a time that you need to refuse to give into the negative that bombards us. We need to remember that the human mind and soul has an infinite possibility for invention  and research.

Humanity is hardwired toward the future. Humanity is hardwired for the positive and for improving the world inwhich we live. To that end, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than just Asimov’s rules for robots. It is the here and now.

From TED: “The same thing is happening with robots as it did with microcomputers,” says Bruno Maisonnier, founder and director of Aldebaran Robotics. “This means that hundreds of thousands of the young and not so young, curious and open to the future, want to explore a new device/type of tool which should revolutionize the world.”

Aldebaran’s little Nao robot is accessible and open so that it can serve as a platform for exploration in schools.




From TED: Raffaello D’Andrea combines academics, business and the arts to explore the capabilities of autonomous systems. As part of his research as professor of dynamic systems and control at the Swiss federal institute of technology, he and his collaborators created works such as the self-destructing, self-assembling Robotic Chair, and designed a system that allowed quadrirotor drones to construct a 6-meter tower, brick by brick.
The Flying Machine Arena he and his team created features airborne robots performing acrobatics, juggling balls and more, while the Distributed Flight Array is a flying platform consisting of multiple autonomous vehicles that are able to dock with their peers and fly in a coordinated fashion. His explorations also have practical business applications. He co-founded Kiva Systems, a robotics company that develops intelligent automated warehouse systems, and which was recently acquired by Amazon.

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