Iran, the Bomb and Some Commentary

In light of the infantile-Obama-sycophantic-contretemps created within the small-minded beltway bubble because Benjamin Netanyahu has accepted the invitation to speak before Congress on the issue of a nuclear armed Iran, it is important to review this concise video featuring  Pulitzer prize-winning Wall Street Journal foreign affairs columnist, Bret Stephens. He explains the danger of an Iranian nuclear bomb for Prager University.

Many countries have nuclear weapons, and many more want them. Only one, though, has its neighbors and the world terrified. That country is Iran. Why is everyone so concerned? Because the Islamic theocracy has repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel, sponsors global terrorism, and would leverage the deterrence effect of a nuclear weapon to advance their anti-Western and anti-American interests. Bret Stephens, foreign affairs columnist for the Wall Street Journal explains the one thing you really need to know in order to understand why we can’t let Iran get the bomb — they may actually use it



It is truly embarrassing that the President of the United States has allowed his people to have such public temper tantrums, which not only involved a public discussion of the now disingenuous and defunct Bibi-shaming-Obama issue, but name-calling the Prime Minister of Israel, attempted bullying and meltdowns. (Sadly a modus operundi for this administration.) It is also not surprising that a political-suckerfish like Nancy Pelosi, who called Hamas a charity organization during this past summer’s war between Israel and Hamas, is threatening to not have any democrats present when the Prime Minister comes to Congress. Interesting how that little item where Hamas is listed as a terrorist organization by the US government simply slipped her mind over the years. Pelosi decidedly made the choice to follow the lead of the terror-financiers and the  Islamist-slave traders of Qatar as vouchsafe for Hamas. Just as Kerry tried to force the Qatari peace plan down Israel’s throat during Operation Protective Edge.

We need to also remember that madam congresswoman made a trip to asskiss the genocidal butcher of Syria, Bashir Assad, against the wishes of the Bush administration. Apparently when it comes to foreign policy being the purview of the Executive Branch that seems to only apply according  to madam congresswoman if the President is a democrat. It’s quite obvious that to democrats, Congress being an equal branch of government only works if they can try to embarrass a republican in the White House. Someone should teach the Capital Hill democrat caucus the old saying about goose and ganders.

Yet, the saddest attempt to chastise Bibi into not voicing his opinion on the Iranian matter though, is the old antisemitic fallback, that hey, the Jews over here in the US don’t want him to come (Bombastically enunciated by Juan Williams during a Fox News roundtable). As if Jews who live in the safety and security of the United States, have the right to decide that the Israelis should put their lives on the line in honor of some Manhattanite-Liberal political philosophy. Or that the non-Israeli-Jews of the United States have some dual-loyalty to decide, pressure or demand a particular outcome of Israeli political situations. These  look-at-the-Jew-finger-pointers extol a few articles written by  some Children-of-Isaac-leftists (here in the US and in Israel); People-of-Israel-Obamabots (to whom the President can never do anything wrong and could never face the reality that the President is a malignant narcissistic incompetent ); and that rare-Jewish-conservative-academician who postulates on a Hamiltonian governing authority (because academic theory is more important than actual real-world politics or experience)  to say that Bibi is the big loser in this episode. They are wrong on all counts.

In all honesty as long as the PM can tell his side of the story not only doesn’t he lose, but posterity will have his back. The frightening aspect though of this entire political brouhaha is that as Bret Stephens says above, Israel is the one under threat of another Holocaust. It is no joke,  and yet the only thing that seems to matter to some in the beltway is how they can bank the political capital of the situation, and whether they will be invited to the next Progressive-Jew-haters club meeting.

Someone needs to tell those Leftist-apologists-politicos in Washington, DC, that Jews of any citizenry do not have to negotiate their right to exist anymore. Those days are long gone. For the vast majority of the Jewish people the attitude of the trembling-Israelite went up in smoke through the chimneys of the crematorium at Auschwitz.


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