Holocaust Memorial Day 2015

Read this great piece below from Annie’s Opinions on Holocaust Memorial Day and the reality of resurgent antisemitism. Meanwhile on the 70th  anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz death camp watch the IDF fly over from 2003. HERE

On a personal note: Never forget that before the Nazis came for the Jews they came for those with disabilities. As I always say, my sons are twice threatened by hate….

Anne's Opinions

Holocaust Memorial Day

The world cries “Never Again” every year on the annual International Holocaust Memorial Day. And yet, seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz and the defeat of the Nazis by the allies, it is becoming sickeningly evident that the lessons have not been learned, and that “never again” means “maybe now it’s acceptable”.  Antisemitism is not only raising its ugly head again, but is alive and kicking and growing daily, as we have seen in the huge rise (some say by 400%) in antisemitic attacks throughout Europe. This is also not to ignore the constant drip-drip of anti-Semitic incitement, disguised as anti-Israel or anti-Zionism, emanating from the Muslim world, and particularly from the Palestinians.

We have seen several nasty examples of this anti-Semitism in the guise of pro-Palestinian, or rather anti-Israel, activism in recent days.  One of the most blatant occurred,  of all places, in a…

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