Where is the march for Nigeria?

While the first-world was overwhelmed with the slaughter in Paris last week, a parallel mass murder took place in Nigeria. Upwards of 2,000 people were slaughtered by Boko Haram. We last heard of them when they kidnapped several hundred Christian school girls. In response the world had a lovely twitter hashtag campaign. Yes, some countries did send high level military personnel (the US and Israel) and support services to Nigeria in order to help search for the missing girls, but since then the situation in Nigeria has simply deteriorated.

The question though, is where is the march for Nigeria? Why is it accepted that this violence can go unanswered? Of course, it is no more than the world, which once looked on in horror at the mass genocide in the Syrian civil war, going on a hiatus or perhaps turning away from situations that are too hard to deal with.

Many would tell you ignoring Nigeria is racism at its global best. The victims are mostly brown people so the first-world doesn’t really care. Of course that discounts the actions of France when it came to the aide of Mali and the international rendering of medical help in light of the Ebola epidemic in Africa. Perhaps the issue is not so much racism, but an overwhelming lack of resolve. The first-world doesn’t want to get bogged down in a war they feel they cannot win or even if they can win, recognizing that the cost in lives would be too astronomically high for  voters in democratic societies. This isolation-psychology is apparent particularly after the over-decade long struggle in Iraq and Afghanistan, where in reality both wars are far from over and have simply morphed into something even more brutal.

What ever the reason, it is a false choice in the end. The actions of Boko Haram are tied to the Islamist attacks in Paris. They may not be part of the same network, but they are part of the same philosophy. In truth it is a supremacist barbaric doctrine whose goal is world domination. Either we learn to stand up to such evil wherever it shows its head in the third-world, or slaughters like we saw on the streets of Paris will become our first world norm.



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