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This morning Islamist gunmen walked into the offices of Charlie Hebdo and gunned down 12 people in reprisal for the magazine’s satirical cartoons. This is a direct assault upon our freedom of speech, freedom of the press, democracy and liberty in general. It must not be allowed to stand. Sadly many newspapers, The Telegraph, and The New York Daily News, to name two, are already showing spinelessness by blanking out the Charlie Hebdo cartoons when reporting on the mass murder. We need real journalists with COURAGE now more than ever.


The Daily Beast has a pictorial of all of Charlie Hebdo’s most outrageous cartoons…HERE.


Elder of Ziyon shares the Charlie Hebdo cartoons he finds the most outrageous. HERE

“With my new iPhone 5 with 4″ screen you can see clearly that they’ve insulted the prophet!”


The Washington Free Beacon is also publishing Charlie Hebdo cartoons. HERE

The cover of a 2006 issue containing cartoons that mocked Mohammed. The caption reads “Mohammed overwhelmed by fundamentalists.”


Tomorrow’s Berlins Grosste Zeitung


Dutch cartoonist Ruben Oppenheimer about what the attack on Charlie Hebdo really means for the free world:

And a reminder from cartoonist Tomi Ungerer about the importance of a free press:


And the best  in-your-face-cartoon from @amyburvall:

Vive la Resistance! (h/t @therightplanet1)





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