Bibi Addresses “Chickensh**gate”

By now you have heard about chickenshitgate. A classless anonymous source in the White House delineated to reporter Jeffrey Goldberg, a list of names that this administration uses to describe the Prime Minister of Israel. One of those names was chickenshit. “Chickenshit”  because Bibi took Obama at his word that he would deal with Iran’s nuclear ambitions without creating a risk to Israel. Bibi was called chickenshit because, according to Goldberg’s report, he did not send Israeli pilots on a precarious mission that the US, whom he needs for support for such an undertaking, objected to vehemently. In other words, it is quite readily believed that Obama would either stop the attack, forewarn Iran, or shoot down the Israeli planes themselves as Obama foreign policy adviser Zibigniew Brzezinski advised.

Of course, the administration is now backtracking on the “chickenshit” meme. Funny though, they don’t seem too upset that they used other words to describe Bibi including insulting him by alluding to the fact that he was “aspergery.” It seems that now that the word “retarded” is out of fashion to use to name-call and denigrate someone, the political Left has decided to  bully with an allusion to an “autism spectrum disorder.”

Autism-Meme as Political Insult-Again

video h/t Israellycool


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