A Knife in Israel’s Back, while Playing Games with US Border Security

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An Open Letter to the Jewish-American Community: What is wrong with you?


Israel has requested more missiles for the Iron Dome system. These missiles are needed to repel Hamas rocket attacks. Meanwhile, the Senate Democrats have tied further funding for these missiles to Obama’s immigration policy. In other words, if you want to save Israeli lives, you have to follow in the footsteps of what Obama wants to happen as far as immigration policy. What does this actually mean in Beltway speak? If the Republicans don’t vote for the legislation then the Democrats will call them anti-Israel. If they do vote for the legislation then they risk alienating their base, which wants stricter border security and immigration control for the United States.  (We know that 80% of the illegal aliens are not children, but drug dealers and members of notorious gangs (even if they are only 16 and 17). Hence placing at risk American lives. We know that the persons trying to cross the border are also coming with communicable diseases such as TB, scabies, bacterial pneumonia, to name just a few illnesses. We know that coyotes and human traffickers, criminal enterprises of the most horrendous kind, are taking advantage of destitute and poor people with the false promise that America will grant them citizenship. WE also know that terrorists have been using the coyotes to cross into the United States.  They have the same kind of tunnels that Israel has found in Gaza. ) The Democrats are trying to place the GOP between a rock and a hard place. In truth, even if the GOP writes its own bill, separating out these two issues, there is no way that Harry Reid will allow it to come to a vote on the Senate floor.

The Democrats seeing what happened to Eric Cantor are trying to force immigration as the explosive issue in the GOP. They are also trying to weaken the GOP’s pro-Israel posture by making them choose between Israeli and American lives. The DNC is fearful that after the latest round of polling showing that only 45% of Democrats support Israel and are actually increasingly hostile to the Jewish State, that major pro-Israel Dems will jump the ship for the GOP and take their bundling ability with them. So if the DNC leadership can try to make the GOP out to be anti-Israel in some way they think this will staunch the pro-Israel flight. Note: Pro-Israel Democrats make up approximately 50% of the DNC bundlers and fundraisers.

Moreover,  current polling for the November midterms shows the GOP not only holding onto the House, but taking the Senate as well. The gambit here by the Democrats is to try to weaken the GOP, through the facilitation of a Republican civil war, to the point that they at least retain the Senate and if all goes as planned return control of the House to the Democrats.This is a Machiavellian and evil game. To try to gain some unknown advantage in the November midterm elections the Democrats are not only holding hostage the safety and security of the 8 million Israeli citizens under Hamas rocket attack during a war, they are holding hostage the border security of the United States and hence the safety and welfare of American citizens. The ultimate question one has to ask of the Democrats, however, is why they are so willing to destroy the border integrity of the United States? Why are they so willing to allow disrespect for American law? Why do the Democrats think that the American taxpayer should fund the lives of these immigrants when we can’t even take care of own? What do we as Americans get in the bargain? At least with Israel, (intelligence, military procurement, advanced weapon and cyber technology), the American taxpayer gets a bulwark against radical Islamism, whose ultimate target is the United States. The Democrats are risking the safety and security of the United States in order to score political points. Putting the lives of the people of the United States in danger to benefit your political party, which is a violation of your oath as an American legislature to protect the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic, is more than abhorrent. It is treason.


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