The Humanitarian Crisis of Illegal Immigration and Its Underlying Meaning

Right now there are tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors who are crossing the border in hopes that they will be granted citizenship in the USA. Human trafficking extraordinaire. Yes, there are reasons that parents are sending their children to the USA. It is a decision luckily most of us in the US will never have to face. In truth my own 11-year-old great-grandmother came as an unaccompanied minor to the US with her 14-year-old sister at the turn of the 19th century.

Frighteningly, today minors face sexual slavery and death at the hands of the coyotes and criminal cartels. The human cost of this immigration debacle is overwhelming. Infact, due to the large numbers of  persons crossing the border, if this was any other country, the UN refugee office would be getting involved.

Whether the immigration lobby wants to accept the reality or not, this latest spate of human trafficking is the result of the lawless immigration policy put forth by the Obama administration. It is the irresponsible words and actions of the President that has caused this latest crisis. But then again, this is perhaps exactly what they wanted. Overtax the system and call for immediate humanitarian actions by Obama. Who could actually say they don’t want to help defenseless children? Change the law without having to abide by the Constitution.

Obama has threatened that with a pen and a phone he is going to change the immigration law. People from third world dictatorships believe this is how our government works because that is the system from which they came. So they think he will be granting them legal status. But theoretically that is not how American law making works. There is always compromise between the representative parties. Unfortunately that is not what we are seeing at the moment. What we are witnessing is that  the open discussion on the topic of immigration is thoughtless.

In fact, immigration policy  is such a hot button issue that Eric Cantor just lost his Congressional seat because he was believed to be giving into the Administration’s view on amnesty (among other conservative heresies).  What happens in Washington, DC does in deed have reverberations around the world. The fact is that there are evil people in this world who are taking advantage of those terribly less fortunate and the thoughtless provocations by Obama is fueling the fire.


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On another avenue, the fact that the Obama administration seems to be dumping these illegal alien minors into states that are run by governors diametrically opposed to his immigration policy does give one pause. Could this be a cynical attempt by the democrats to galvanize the Hispanic vote before the November elections to try to preempt the presumed coming republican sweep? Is their plan to chastise the “evil GOP” as cruel and horrible to those less fortunate, while showcasing disastrous, unsanitary and unsafe detention centers? Are they going to try to cast blame for their failure of policy and action on the republican governors and states that are against illegal immigration and open-borders? Interestingly according to reports, members of congress who were given a tour of the detention centers were told NOT take pictures of the conditions. Seems the administration doesn’t want any pictures to get out before they can propagandize that the conditions are another official’s fault.

There is no way that Obama and his minions are allowing these people to come out of the goodness of their hearts. This is an administration that blames a video for the slaughter of their Ambassador and refuses to send aid to those they have sent into battle for fear of the scenes on the evening news. They use the IRS to attack their political foes, while undermining the most basic concepts of the Bill of Rights; to be free from unwarranted search and seizure, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and right of self-defense. This is an administration that lies, prevaricates and casts blame anywhere they can find it without taking responsibility for any wrongdoing. This is an administration that has allowed our allies to become our enemies, evil doers to prevail in the world and has led in the destruction of the American  concepts of liberty, freedom and personal property. This administration does nothing without an ulterior motive. This is an administration that does nothing without some benefit to itself. They have no longterm goals besides self-aggrandizement. This really isn’t about creating a future “democratic” voting bloc. The question is what is their motive now?

Or is this administration so incompetent they never saw this coming? Once again is Obama caught flat-footed when real-life events take over his golf and vacation time? Once again is Obama and his minions this totally unprepared to govern?



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