Remembering D-Day When America had Real Leadership

70 years ago the greatest generation made the push to end the rule of the Nazis over Europe. Operation Overlord was in full in swing and the bravest of the brave were hitting the beaches. 9,000 soldiers died that day. Thank you to all who served. Simply Thank you.



Meanwhile these are the people whom Obama and his minions tried to prevent from attending their memorial during his fight with the GOP about funding. No President in the history of our republic had ever shut down open air monuments when there was a dispute with Congress. In fact, Obama was so overjoyed by this political warfare that he just made the person who came up with the tactic of insulting our veterans the Secretary of HHS. Thankfully Republican Congress persons helped our WW2 vets breach the Obama barrycades at the monument in DC. There has never been such an embarrassment as this POTUS  and his legions.

Remember too, that during this funding fight he called the GOP “terrorists” and reminded the country that the US doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. Ignoring the fact that the Taliban are terrorists, and are listed as such by the US, just who did the Obama administration negotiate with for the release of Bowe Bergdahl? Apparently there were 5 other Taliban honchos released just so they would talk to the US about Bergdahl. That makes 10 released terrorists in all, even if you followed Common Core math rules. Could it be that  Obama doesn’t believe that the Taliban are terrorists?  Sometimes you really have to wonder just whose side is Obama really on.



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