The Fascist-Left and the Destruction of the Liberal Mind

Anyone paying attention realized that this past commencement season has been marred by the most inane and disingenuous nonsense ever seen on a college campus. The uninviting of speakers to these academic bastions of free thought has reached duplicitous proportions.  Did these college committees not understand who they were inviting to speak? Did they not do their research? And if they did what is it now that bothers these oh so politically correct fools?

Without question, Boko Haram has put Brandeis’ capitulation to Islamists to shame. (Interestingly enough with the firing of Jill Abramson at the NY Times this week, it seems Brandeis is left without a commencement speaker. Of course, in good Leftist tradition, Abramson also did not support Hirsi Ali when she was uninvited to speak). The reality that Sharia law as practiced around the globe is detrimental to the rights of women, homosexuals, non-Moslems and of course death to anyone who questions Islam, seems too much for the free thinkers of academia to handle. It appears that its OK to boycott the hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei because he institutes Sharia law, persons just can’t talk about it on college campuses. It appears that you can send a #hashtag out on twitter, demanding that the leaders of the world do something about kidnapped girls, you just can’t say the persecution has to do with Islamism. The truth, it appears, is evil. If you awaken the sleeping world to the evil aspects of Islamic misogyny then you are a gender traitor in the eyes of the Left, since we are all supposed to support and recognize cultural relativism and the sublime soft racism and lowered expectations of those in the Moslem world.


Hence, if you dare discuss Islamorealism on a college campus you will be blacklisted. On the other hand, you can foment any amount of antisemitism on campus (Vassar) and demand that students who run for student government never visit Israel (UCLA). Push genocidal intended boycotts of the only democracy in the Middle East with the false attack of apartheid (BDS), while ignoring those nations that do practice gender and religious apartheid around the globe (Sharia Law). Then student groups can even bring charges of racism against those students who don’t follow the  path of antisemitic hate, ignorance and acquiescence to their neo-Nazis propaganda (UCLA). Or better yet, when college administrations have the Walls of Truth about Israel torn down (it foments unrest on campus) because honesty is the true casualty when dealing with Liberal Fascism (Vassar), but leave up the Walls of antisemitic Lies.

Additionally, Rutgers also doesn’t like Condoleezza Rice. The first African-American female Secretary of State. Apparently as a conservative, she, like Hirsi Ali, is a race-traitor in the eyes of the Left: the only “good person of color” is a person of color who knows their assigned place in the political world (A true-African-American civil rights supporter has to vote for the democratic party according to the Left). The fact that Rice unabashedly protected the United States during the years of war and terrorism following the 9/11 attacks seems to be her evil inclination according to her detractors. Yet in reality it is, once again, the convoluted reasoning of the Left that somehow people who love and respect the USA are devoid of any sense of right and wrong. These persons, those who love the USA,  are not welcome in their Marxist version of poverty, subjugation and mind control (as if any of us want to go there in reality). But once again, the saddest day was when the administration of Rutgers instead of standing their ground, gives in to this anti-American cabal of students and faculty. Now to anyone following Rutgers in the news over the years, none of this should have come as a surprise. Rutgers was cited as allowing extreme antisemitism to evolve on campus. The desire on the Left to destroy our republic does go hand-in-hand with Jew-hatred.


Additionally, the first female head of the IMF was also told not to show up to a commencement, because some spoiled brats with a  vagina decided she doesn’t do enough for women. Obviously these self-styled feminists (and I use the world with opprobrium and derision), who live within some sphere of magical realism, think that everything is about their own version of truth. Sadly that perspective, quite frankly, is devoid of reality, both in the context of international economics and politics. Here the irony is absolute. For the Left contends that there can be no changing of societies in the third world into a more Jeffersonian democratic reality of equality, since that would be a violation of cultural integrity. However, at the same time they protest the IMF, who they say, does not do enough to change the status of women worldwide. So which one is it ladies of the radical Left? Political correctness, cultural relativism, or  equal rights and female empowerment. You can’t sit astride all these beliefs and perspectives. Either you want freedom for women worldwide or you believe that gender apartheid is legitimate in the historical context of a county, hence  we, the white privileged of the world, cannot question its existence…now choose mesdemoiselles.



Meanwhile, just what  is this nonsensical “white privilege ” canard taking over the frontal lobes of the Leftists’ dissolute thinking? This institutional-Leftist diatribe that somehow being Caucasian ipso facto makes you racist because you don’t see how racist you are. Those who promote this sociological perspective also content  that whites are so racist they cannot even see how their white color gives them an edge over minorities and that microagression against  minorities is part of their day-to-day existence. Furthermore,  if whites actually fight for their right to be productive, respected and successful then that is only at the expense of minorities, hence racist. Finally, it was decided at the last “America is evil because of white privilege” convention that  part of their new raison d’etre would be to fight Islamaphobia. So another apparently highly uneducated Leftist group has decided that there is legitimate concern  with the inane movement that promotes the anti-Moslem false flag created by the Moslem Brotherhood’s white washing academician offspring, Tariq Ramadan, in order to forestall any discussion of the evils inherent in Sharia Law.

Therefore, in the Leftist world of “white privilege,”  Ayaan Hirsi Ali, in her discussion of the evils that is Islamism, is fomenting an evil white privileged world-wide agenda, while the blond-blue-eyed-Hamas loving CAIR spokesman is speaking for people of color. This in and of itself shows the depths of depravity that the Left goes to in trying to push their own convoluted agenda. Somehow Islam, which still believes that enslaving those with black skin is appropriate, is supposed to speak for the downtrodden people of color found in the third world. That a black-African women who herself lived in a Moslem society, was subjected to Sharia law and fgm, according to the brain-dead Left does not speak for women of color. But they decide that the misogynists, liars, terror financiers and Islamists of CAIR, speak for all women in the third world. So once again the race-traitor gambit combined with the Left’s gender traitor canard, shows the inability of the Left to leave their little perches in their self-styled inadequate alternative universe. This sickness bespeaks a political theory that is not only devoid of common sense but shows the racism and sexism inherent in the Left itself.

Beyond even the abject stupidity inherent in these political movements, the question begs itself,  why are these colleges giving into a minority of  radical students who seem to think that they can decide who has the right of free speech? Whether it was Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Condoleezza Rice or Christine Lagarde, the idea that post-secondary education is simply off-limits to those who challenge radical-Leftist notions of reality is simply reprehensible. The cowardice shown by these administrations characterize post-secondary education in today’s world. The real issue becomes, what kind of education are your children actually receiving? Are they being taught to objectively think for themselves, analyze discuss and review the world around them, or are they being programmed to parrot the  party line, as any good little Left-leaning-fascist should? Are they being taught how to function in the real world? Are they being taught how to be grown ups or are they being taught to be afraid of dealing with the challenges that life holds? Are they being brainwashed into dependency, ignorance and serfdom? Seriously, what independent, self-respecting, adult gets bogged down about such nonsense when there is your life to live?

Yet in the end one has to ask, what is it about the truth that the Left fears so much? What is it about being challenged in your beliefs that the Left cannot abide? If you cannot defend your morality and the only way to secure within yourself your own importance is to shut down another’s speech, then your belief system is nothing more than vapid ignorance.  The most important  attribute of any free society, the human right the Left seems to deride the most, is freedom of speech, argument, debate and the ability to offend without retribution. If you cannot stand up for your own values, in the political world-at-large, without shutting down democratic debate, then there is nothing about your core beliefs to ever respect. Society, especially in  the academic free thinking quarter of the world, should give short-shrift to these Leftist-Stalinist demands, wants and needs. Sadly, and to the detriment of the future, academia does not.


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  18. mikey says:

    We should not expect much of academics. Most are poseurs. Most (including my sister and brother-in-law) are insecure egotists who lack useful skills. While they drape themselves in the cloth of their intellect, and demean those they disagree with, they could not even screw in a light bulb. They talk about how we need to help the oppressed, but they do not even know the name of the janitor who cleans their offices, nor do they even acknowledge them with a ‘good evening’ should they happen to meet him (or her) should they stay after 6pm.

    • Elise Ronan says:

      Hi mikey,

      It sounds like your sister and BIL are not good people. However, I wouldn’t necessarily say this is how all academicians act. I tend to take each person individually before I develop an opinion. That being said, there is definitely an intolerant atmosphere on college campuses nation wide. And unfortunately it will be our children who end up the poorer for it.

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