Nicholas Kristof (of whom I am no fan) has an article about the 250 Nigerian girls kidnapped by the Islamist group Boko Haram.  While the Nigerian government seems intent on doing nothing, activist from around the world are asking your help to demand the world governments do something to help these girls. Read the NY Times article HERE.

He writes: In hopes of viral pressure on Nigerian authorities to try to recover the girls, campaigns have started on the White House website, on Change.org and on Facebook to demand: “Bring Back Our Girls.” All this may or may not help, but it’s worth trying.

From the Facebook page:


1. Write and call your world leaders. Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Prime Ministers etc. Demand that they offer their help to rescue the girls. Petitions are good but your individual letter and call is better.

2. Tell all of your friends about this atrocity and ask them to join in writing and calling. Invite them to join you here on FB and march on social media by changing their profile pic to raise awareness with their friends and families.

3. Plan a rally/march in your city for within the next 7 days. Send us the date, time and location and we will help you organize and promote.


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