The Black Soul That Inhabits John Kerry (Updated)

UPDATE: Tuesday April 8, 2014. Apparently our erstwhile Secretary of State has decided to blame Israel alone for the failure of his peace process. “Poof,” he obnoxiously told the Congress, went his peace process because Israel refused to release more murderers of their children after the Palestinians reneged on the peace process agreements. Now comes word that the Obama administration is actually orchestrating this latest anti-Israel hate fest. It was all part and parcel of the plan to always blame Israel no matter what Israel agreed to. If you don’t think so, read Jeffrey Goldberg’s interview with Obama just before Kerry’s latest trip to the Middle East. Obama has always had contempt for the Jewish State. The difference is that his administration is no longer hiding their true feelings.

Meanwhile Kerry has decided to side with Abbas in telling Israel that it is not necessary for the Palestinians to accept Israel as a Jewish State. Ignoring that this is the crux of the issue. He also didn’t seem upset when Abbas said that he would never sign any agreement to end the conflict with Israel, even as part of a peace deal. Kerry and Obama also do not condemn the overwhelming antisemitism coming out of the PA and in fact Obama just called Abbas a man of peace who always condemns violence. I suppose in the new lexicon of the Left when you name squares for the terrorists who murdered children and give stipends to terrorists who murder defenseless Jewish civilians it is considered an avenue for peace. What is it on the part of Obama and Kerry that elicits such ignorant understanding of reality? Antisemitism is not enough for some as an answer. I think it speaks volumes.

An interesting observation: There was an outcry concerning the targeting of the Jewish institutions in Kansas this past week by a former KKK grand dragon and neo-Nazis.. As rightly there should be. On the other hand, on the first evening of Passover, a Jewish family was attacked just outside of Hebron on their way to Seder, by Islamist terrorists. The father, a police officer, was killed. No outcry by the world. No outrage by the world. Not a word of condemnation by anyone. It seems if you go against the accepted international perceptions of how a Jew is to behave you deserve to be killed. As Bret Stephens asked when the Fogel family was butchered in their beds,  Are Israeli Settlers Human?

Or is it something even more insidious like what we just witnessed at Brandeis with Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Capitulation. Spinelessness. Cowardice. A traitorous betrayal of human freedom. Has the world come to the conclusion that if Islamists target you, it is your own fault. You broke the cardinal rule of not being a good dhimmi and doing as you are told by the Islamists worldwide. Only when you cower in appropriate fear and awe will those who pervert their humanity ignore you. You cower in fear and angst hoping that the Islamist threat passes over your doorstep just as the Angel of death passed over the Israelites on its way to smite the Egyptian firstborn. You tremble in fear and awe hoping that the crocodile will eat you last. Those of you who do not condemn the murder of innocents, whether in Hebron, Tel Aviv, Paris, Afghanistan, Iran or Kansas, wallow in the muck of human depravity and are no better than the murderers themselves. The deafening silence denigrates all those who have and are still sacrificing for freedom. For shame.


Kerry made a big deal out of telling the world that settlements and the 1967 armistice lines (what he likes to incorrectly call borders) was not to be part of any blackmail scheme put forth by Abbas.  Yet, the one requirement he insisted on allowing the Palestinians  to push on Israel for the right to sit at a negotiating table with PA representatives, was the release of pre-Oslo  murderers. Read the rest HERE.


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