Ok, Since Everyone Else is Writing About Gwyneth so Will I (No it’s not mean)

With all do respect to you Ms. Paltrow, and I am sorry you are divorcing, but child you need to leave your gilded cage once in awhile and go out into the real world.  You deserved that smackdown from the NY Post editor. Somewhere, someone, probably your agent, publicists or most likely your mother (who has always handled her public persona with aplomb and class), should tell you to hush for awhile. Run your business, raise your children, survive your conscious uncoupling with as much dignity as you can muster.

I do wish you well.  You were wonderful in Shakespeare in Love.  My boys love the Ironman series, too. I have even been to your website GOOP. Not that anything is really affordable or practical for my world. But hey that is your lifestyle and more power to you if it makes you happy. More power to you if people buy from your website. More power to you if they really do pay you millions of dollars for acting and singing. In truth, haters gonna hate you because they are jealous of the life they think you lead.

In all honesty,  in our celebrity obsessed culture people pay attention to every word you utter. People pay attention to what you say whether you are right or not because of your celebrity status. I am certain it makes you feel important. You are afterall human. But the downside to that notoriety is that what you say also holds you up to societal derision, and yes some of that you really did bring upon yourself. I would just temper your advice a little bit. In other words, please please please, stop talking about things you know nothing about, such as what it’s like to juggle career and family without an entourage to help you function on a daily basis.

Go Be Well.

Find happiness.

Be content.

Just be quiet for awhile…..It’s really for your own good.


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