An Open Letter to the Jewish-American Community: What is wrong with you?

The Jewish Community Relations Council in conjunction with UJA-Federation have decided to allow groups into the Salute to Israel Parade that promote the BDS movement, which seeks the destruction of Israel. How seeking genocide against the people of Israel is saluting Israel is not certain, but in this Orwellian think tank that is the progressive sycophantic mind it must make sense somewhere. So if you were waffling on whether these so-called leaders of the Jewish-American community deserve your scorn, waffle no more. At least there was some push back from one congregation in NYC.

Furthermore, more recently, the Open Hillel movement has begun to denigrate the Israeli solder, along with of course JStreet U, by bringing in Breaking the Silence speakers. However these groups who claim their right to enter into the Jewish world due to freedom of speech, as Hen Mazzig writes HERE, apparently do not allow for differing points of view and would not allow him to refute the speaker. The issue of course begs the question, what exactly are Jewish parents paying for when they send their offspring to these extraordinarily expensive schools? What kind of education are these young people receiving and who are the parents allowing to fill their children’s heads with crap? More over, how did these parents raise their children that these young Jews would  so eagerly jump on the Jew-haters bandwagon?

Heck we won’t even get into the insanity that is the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Boston paying for a Jewish student trip that included a visit to Arafat’s tomb. What an atrocious thing to see. Smiling Jewish students honoring one of the men largely responsible for the plague of modern-day terrorism and  the rise of  Nazi-like international Jew-hatred. They wanted to hear the Palestinian narrative. Maybe instead they should have visited some of  his victims, including those Palestinians that Arafat persecuted. That would have been an interesting narrative. But then again they wouldn’t be good little liberals would they if the murderers of Jewish children weren’t given a chance to expound on their Jew-hatred, Holocaust denial and just good old-fashioned denigration of the Jewish people and their history. Maybe next time these common sense deprived  members of the Boston Jewish community should just go find a nice little neo-Nazis and hear their side of the narrative as well.

Finally and most egregiously, what we are also faced with is a community sickness personified by Brandeis University. This college, named for the Jewish Supreme Court Justice,  proud-Jew and Zionist, Louis Brandeis, was created as a reaction to the discrimination faced by Jewish students at the ivy league college level. Ironically now Brandeis gives a platform to Jew-haters like Ali Abuminah of Electric Intifada and self-hating Jew, Max Blumenthal with their ignorant ahistorical views of the Middle East. In Electronic Intifada and Blumenthal’s writings, Jews are called Nazis and killing Jewish children is justified. But at the same time Brandeis  withdraws an honorary degree from human rights advocate and feminist author Ayaan Hirsi Ali because of her truthful views that Islam advocates female genital mutilation (a mutilation that she herself endured), kills gays, promotes honor murders and calls Jews descendants of apes and pigs, while calling for genocide against the six-million Jews of Israel. She has the nerve to tell the truth that Islam is a violent and dangerous religion in need of a reformation akin to what Christianity went through. It seems in the world that is Brandeis University it is fine to advocate another genocide against Jews as long as you don’t tell the truth that this form of virulent violent antisemitism comes from the Moslem world. It is also fine to blame antisemitism on Jews themselves,  insisting that Jews have no right to self-determination, nor are they a people like other nations of the world. (Note: Meanwhile, Brandeis has given honorary degrees to well-known antisemite Desmond Tutu and Israel hater Tony Kushner, who wrote that the most evil people on Earth are pro-Israel Jews.)

Read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s response to Brandeis HERE.


Leaders in the Jewish-American community whine that the numbers of involved Jews  are being depleted. Communal leadership points to study after study that shows our numbers are dwindling. These same so-called leaders wring their hands and try to figure out what is to be done. Guess what…in my house, we no longer care.

I am tired of all the complaining and the presupposition that somehow my family owes the greater Jewish-American community our attention simply because we are Jewish. I don’t want to be a part of your community. I don’t like what the majority of you stand for. I am tired of the fighting, the lies, the sycophantic praise for a political  agenda and a party that I reject. I am also tired of being  pigeonholed into a particular branch of Judaism because of my politics. I am tired of the identity politics that has taken hold of the Jewish community. Above all I am tired of your hypocrisy. Making pronouncements about the survival of the Jewish people yet blindly following progressive-politicians whose support for those that celebrate the murder Jewish children  is undeniable. I am tired of the Jewish community not seeing the danger that exists in the world, dismissing it as if it’s happening to “those other Jews, the ones who make too much noise.”

Do you, the Jewish-American community, ever get tired of hearing your heroes worship at the altar of the Moslem Brotherhood and praise the Holocaust and Holy Temple denying murderers of Fatah as moderates? Do you ever get tired of having to prove what a good progressive you are by delineating everything that is wrong with Israel? That to be a good progressive you have to disrespect the right of the Jewish people to self-determination and reject the truth that the Arab-Israeli crisis is at its core about Jew-hatred. Do you ever get tired that to be a good progressive you have to constantly agree that only if Israel would stop being so “Israel-like” everything would be fine and dandy between Jews and Arabs? Or do you simply dismiss the growing antisemitism in our world  because you have decided that its only about Israel and Israel can take care of herself? You progressive Jewish-Americans have decided that what is really important in life is some false “war on women,” the word “bossy,” gay marriage and some inane  concept of social justice, which by the way actually only gives power to another cabal of Jew-hating race-baiters?

I am tired of the “Big Tent,” , including Jewish-suicides and Jewish-self-haters into the community is not an option for a People that wish to survive. I don’t adhere to the idea that  Jewish self-destruction is an idea equivalent to that of Jewish self-respect and Jewish longevity. Simply because you believe in freedom of speech does not mean you have to give a platform to abhorrent speech. Simply because someone has the right to say something, or to hold certain views, does not mean that the Jewish community has to give credence to what is being said, even if it is being said by other Jews. We also do not have to have our tax dollars go for the privilege of being vilified no matter what the so-called Jewish leadership of ADL and AJC self-righteously decide.

I am tired of convoluted community priorities and the ignoble rabbis who know nothing, but who think that since they have a smicha (from any branch) they have the right to tell you if you are a good person or not. They, like the rabbinic creator of the Golem, ignore their own hubris, while they think they can direct your life. Meanwhile the irony of this contretemps remains totally lost on them. I am tired of the short-shrift given to Jewish history and the we-know-better-whats-good for Israel mentality than Israel herself. I am tired of your Open Hillels, the JStreets and the utter abandonment of anything that resembles an acknowledgement of the precariousness of Jewish survival. I grossly resent that my hard-earned monies when donated to some major national Jewish organizations, may in turn be given to organizations that support and promote Israel’s destruction. Today’s national Jewish organizations are no more than shills for the leftist political agenda, and they have produced a cadre of progressive-sycophantic-frightened  useless leaders. (And yes there are some worthwhile national Jewish organizations, such as the college directed group Stand with Us, but they are the exception not the rule.)

I am also tired of the Orthodox and political conservatives who look down on the rest of us. Who tell us that we aren’t good Jews because we don’t follow the Torah like they do or reject their view of politics as well. I have heard too many times that an adopted child converted by a reform rabbi is not really Jewish, or a patrilineal Jewish child is not Jewish, because you can never ever change Jewish law. We Jews are apparently too ignorant to grow, develop and better ourselves and our religion over the eons. We are to remain a stagnant, myopic people; to these persons Jewish law is to exist with blinders. These  individuals forget that the Torah is called the Tree of Life for a reason. It is an analogy to a living, breathing, growing and evolving humanity. The tree’s roots are solid, living deep into the ground, as is our belief in one omnipotent being deeply rooted in our sense of our Jewish selves.

We Jews, repeat our clarion call three times a day:  Hear O’ Israel the Lord our G-d the Lord is One. But some forget that trees branch out and seek the truth of the sun. Living trees, just like human beings, are not stagnant. Their interplay with the world adds to the beauty that is  God’s creation. Trees add to life, they do not inhibit life, male or female. Hence, neither should religion prevent our ability to grow, define ourselves, and define our world. Religion is not meant to forestall us from seeking ourselves and a just future. For is it not the Torah that commands us, “Justice, justice shalt though seek?” So if seeking justice is humanity’s  obligation, how could anything that is unjust, hurtful and dehumanizing be part of God’s plan?

I am tired of those Jews who decide that they are better Jews than the rest of us because of the branch of Judaism they follow and its OK that they apply orthodoxy to their Conservative politics (as opposed to when the liberal Jews apply Judaism to their progressive politics). I am tired of those Orthodox Jews who think they and they alone can decide “who is a Jew” and they and they alone can answer the questions that plague the Jewish people today and they and they alone have sway over the holiest of Jewish sites. I am tired of the dystopian view of religion where ignorance, bigotry and misogyny is pointed to as God’s will instead of  being able to review, analyze and apply scientific growth to our Biblical reality.

I am tired of the Conservative/libertarian view that the contract between government and the people is only about the government staying out of your way instead of being a positive force in your life. These religious libertarians  hold onto religion as if it’s the crux of our society, but they conveniently forget that God actually gave us directions on the purpose and breadth of government from obligations of rulers, to religious perspectives, societal formation and charity. They, like those they disdain, find it easy to only pick and choose from religion what they agree with, while telling the opposition how far they can bring their religious philosophies into politic play.

The Jewish leadership wants to know what is wrong with the community. Well I’ll tell you what is wrong….. The “leadership” is what is wrong. You push people away. You make too many of us feel completely unwelcome. You would think that with all the therapists, psychiatrists, and social workers that abound within the Jewish world that there would at least be some good counseling sessions available to help pull us all together. But nope. Not gonna happen. Not as long as everyone thinks they know better than everyone else. You can only begin to fix problems when people actually acknowledge that something itself is broken. In this case, the Jewish-American community may see that there are problems, but they have yet to accept the fact that they, themselves, caused what ails this community in the first place. In truth, human vitality is not infinite, hence, after a while you just stop caring what will happen to the Jewish-American community as a whole, and use your time and energy on the more immediate personal level, providing  a safe haven and a future for your own family.

We, my family, remain Jews because we know our history and how the Jewish people fit into the world. But it doesn’t mean that we need to have anything to do with what the Jewish-American community has become. We create our own future and environment. We don’t care what others think. We have had enough of trying to fit in. We have had enough of others telling us what to do, how to think, and how to feel. You all go fight amongst yourselves. Go… be dysfunctional all on your own. Just leave us alone. We will do things on our own terms and the only one we will have to answer to is God.

This letter is meant as a warning. If I, someone brought up inside the Jewish political and charitable sphere, could become so dispirited as to find it necessary to extricate myself and those I love, from the machinations of the Jewish-American community, what does this so-called leadership expect will happen in the future with those Jewish-American young people whose life is generally unaffiliated? Birthright trips can do just so much when it comes to attachment to the Jewish people. The true answer is to find a way to make being part of the Jewish-American community a positive and life long welcoming endeavor of strength, joy, fulfillment and self-respect. Something that is sorely lacking in today’s Jewish-American community.

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