Life in Southern Israel Contrasted with the EU and Obama’s Hypocrisy

Yesterday 70 rockets launched by the Islamic Jihad hit southern Israel. This is a video of what its like when the red alarm sounds.  By the way Islamic Jihad is a group that thinks there should never be peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Their goal is genocide against the 6 million Jews of Israel. They are backed by Iran, Obama and the EU’s new peace partner.


You bet, Israel hit back hard. Yeah, so Obama said they had every right to and so did the UN. Big Whoop. It’s deeds not words that count in the longrun. And Obama, along with the UN, do everything they can to undermine Israel’s right of self-defense and security. Obama holds Israel solely responsible for any breakdown in peace talks, giving the Palestinians a free pass on their fomenting of Jew-hatred at every turn, and the UN, well could pass for the Nazi Reichstag on any given day.

Today Islamic Jihad is suing for a ceasefire (while still sending rockets into southern Israel). Cowards hide behind children and women, so they can attack children and women and then cry “Boohoo” when someone kicks their ass. It is past time that the world held them accountable for their actions. But that won’t happen. Apparently there is too much money to be made in allowing their masters in Iran to continue fomenting terrorism abroad and enslaving its own people.

Heck the Bank of Hawaii just unfroze Iranian assets, which they could not have done without the Obama administration’s permission. Meanwhile, the EU’s Catherine Ashton (the unelected EU foreign representative who forgot to mention the word “Jew” on Holocaust Remembrance Day)  just visited Iran to set up business exchanges on International Women’s Day. Ashton is so dense it remains to be seen if she actually saw the irony in her meeting. In the meantime it appears according to Ashton that its OK to laud the grossly human rights denying Iranian regime, the country that  stones women to death for adultery, rape virgins before they are executed so they can’t go to heaven and murder gays for the crime of being homosexual, as long as there is some financial profit involved for Europe. And those anti-Israel fanatics call Jews bloodsuckers.


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