Whining about “Mansplaining” instead of Fighting FGM

In honor of International Women’s Day

Well this is interesting. I learned a new word today. Now the fact that I would learn something new on any given day is not the interesting fact, it’s the word itself…mansplaining. I Googled it and came up with this from the urban dictionary:

(1) The tendency of some men to mistakenly believe that they automatically know more about any given topic than does a woman and who, consequently, proceed to explain to her- correctly or not- things that she already knows. 

or on the other hand,

(2) A sexist term used by misandrist women to disrespect, belittle and devalue the opinion of her male peers in an attempt to make herself appear smarter or better in comparison.

This is common among mixed gender discussions and debates. The term mansplaining is commonly thrown around by those who wish to turn the argument into a battle of the sexes or just lack any knowledge or means of adding value to the discussion and wish to devalue the input of other’s (in this case males) who are involved in said discussion.

So either you can use the term to describe someone’s misogyny or in the alternative it’s used to describe a women with her vagina bent out of shape. I suppose in many ways we women simply cannot win, but then again a man can’t win against a woman who has a chip on her shoulder either.

Meanwhile, here’s the truth of the matter. A man who thinks he knows more than the woman before him is not necessarily mansplaining, he could simply be an ass. He probably talks down to everyone he meets, thinking he knows more than anyone else in the world. He’s either a narcissist or terribly insecure. This type of individual is generally a rather unpleasant individual to anyone and everyone regardless of gender.

Then there are the women who think simply because a man is telling them something there is some misogyny involved. Sometimes a man in simply trying to begin a conversation. He could just be trying to be friendly in a rather geeky, nerdy kind of way. It doesn’t mean he thinks less of you. It could mean he is nervous around you, or is shy, or is simply trying to have a friendly conversation and lacks social skills. Everything in the world isn’t about putting you down because you are female. These women need to get their heads out of their reproductive organs and start using their brains to think through what is really going on around them.

Too often people try to read into situations issues that aren’t really there. In truth, most people really do not carry around evil intent inside their souls. They are simply people, trying to get along and have a pleasant day and life experiences. Unfortunately, there are too many in today’s world who quite frankly simply need to take the pole out of their asses and stop thinking that THEY are so important that everyone around them needs to challenge their existence.

In a way, its sad that we even have a word like “mansplaining.” Someone had to actually think this through inorder to come up with that one. The word just didn’t appear out of thin air. In the end, I really wish the grievance-attitude people would simply shut-up and let the rest of us get on with the business of enjoying life.

Or in the alternative these hyper-vigilant vagina obsessed women really do need to do something about a real type of abuse, like Female Genital Mutilation (here, here). Since grievance mongers are so worried about their sexual organs maybe they should try to protect women who are in danger of having their vaginas mutilated instead of making up stuff to get mad about. These fourth wave feminists should take up a real cause. It gets boring really fast, simply complaining that some man has dissed them in a conversation.


Vagina, Vagina Wherefore Art Thou Vagina

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