Bibi Needs to Keep the Ukraine in Mind this Week

This week Bibi  is returning to the United States, ostensibly to talk to the AIPAC conference, but to also hold talks with Obama about the future of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace process and Iran’s search for a nuclear weapon. Or rather Bibi is coming to listen to the naiveté and incongruent ravings of the Obama administration, while Obama threatens Israel’s survival. It is important that the one thing Bibi and Israel’s supporters need to keep in mind is the present turmoil in the Ukraine.

In 1994 the US, Russia, and the UK signed a pact outlining the independence and sovereignty of the Ukraine. That independence was violated with the incursion of Russian troops into the Crimea and the surrounding of Ukrainian military headquarters by Russian troops in Sevastopol, the Ukrainian port that Russia needs for its hegemony into the Black Sea. As of today there are reports of 6,000 Russian troops in the Crimea and the Russian parliament has given Putin the authority to “invade” the Ukraine. It is important to remember that Russia is an ally of Syria’s butcher Assad and supports the Iranian regimes search for a nuclear weapon. Putin is many things but an international humanitarian he is not, nor is he a supporter of democracy at home either. Putin’s goal is a resurgent Russian Empire and he will do anything he must in order to accomplish this outcome.

So far all we have gotten out of Obama is a rather lukewarm response chastising Putin as if he were a “naughty child.” The problem here is that the USA isn’t going to give Putin a time-out and he knows it.  Without a doubt, Putin might be shaking in his oligarchical boots in fear of Obama…but first Putin has to pick himself up from the floor where he fell after laughing his ass off at our ubiquitous spineless loser of a POTUS…

Then in true Obama fashion, right after this rather laborious and painful statement, Obama went to a “happy hour” at a DNC fundraiser. He also took some more selfies with Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson. So all became right again  in the magical unicorn and fairydust world of Barack Obama.

Obama in the meantime, once again,  apparently missed the national security briefing on the Ukraine. But not to worry, we have been informed that Susan Rice filled him in the proceedings. In all honesty, they were probably trying to figure out how to blame this event on Bush 42 or on an errant YouTube video rather than the Obama Team’s international foreign policy  incompetence. As an aside, an apology should be forthcoming from the national media and those Obama-sycophants who derided Romney for acknowledging that Russia is our biggest geo-political competitor.

More importantly here is my point for Bibi…any agreement with the US guaranteeing the security and sovereignty of Israel is worthless as long as Obama is President. There is no way that Obama will ever come to Israel’s defense and will never commit US troops to support and defend Israel. In fact the idea that NATO or American troops would be stationed in the strategic Judea and Samaria in order to prevent a surprise attack on Israel, as proposed in the final peace agreement with the Palestinians,  is completely anathema to the Israeli government. Israel would never want an American soldier to die for its defense. (The strategic value of Judea and Samaria is completely different from the Sinai where American troops have been stationed as part of the international observer unit after the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty. Also it should be noted that these units are now under terror threat from Islamists and the Moslem Brotherhood.) Needlesstosay, the entire idea behind Israel, is Jewish self-defense in a Jewish State, not relying on outside forces to protect the Jewish people ever again.

But even more than the idea of committing US troops to an unworkable peace deal, is the fact that Obama has proven that as long as he is President, any international treaty isn’t worth the paper its written on. In other words, Obama has just made the USA the most untrustworthy ally in the world and its international defense agreements null and void. Of course the question is would you want to send your sons and daughters to the Ukraine to fight Russian troops? Honestly no. But there are public, international sanctions that could be brought against Russia. It remains to be seen whether they will be forthcoming. Since this administration deems sanctions a waste of time when dealing with Iran there is no reason to believe they would propose sanctions against Russia. In fact, Russia has positioned itself as a major oil and gas supplier to Europe, and there is the implied economic threat to the EU’s volatile economy if there is too much noise about Putin’s aggression either outside of Russia or inside as well. On the other hand, the only country John Kerry seems to want to threaten with boycotts and sanctions  is Israel.

However I feel certain that Obama would have no qualms about threatening to invade Israel, as Samantha Powers wanted to do, if he decided that they broke any agreement to which he has his name attached. Of course, as has been characteristic of the Obama administration as well, a pass will be given to the Palestinians, Hezbollah, Iran and especially to the Islamists of the Moslem Brotherhood, when they ramp up the terror  to force Israel’s hand in defending her people. In fact now that Obama has repositioned Robert Malley, a known Hamas apologists to a highly sensitive national security post, it is certain that Obama would never hold Jew-haters to any sort of civilized decency. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising at all, if someone in the Obama administration would actually be the architect of a new form of anti-Israel gambit either.

Administration Appointees Seek the Destruction of Israel

OK so that didn’t take too long to come to fruition….

3/3/14: FYI- New Bloomberg interview with Obama where he actually threatens Israel if they don’t follow his master plan. Hope the self-congratulatory delusional members  of AIPAC are happy that they helped elect this man to the Oval Office and never challenge(d) his administration on anything having to do with Israel’s survival.

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