Yep, The Boycott of Israel is a call to Genocide

If you didn’t realize that those who want to Boycott/Divest/Sanction the State of Israel, really want to destroy her, then today’s news about Hamas’ endorsement of BDS should bring you back to reality. Read the article in Middle East Monitor HERE.

Meanwhile if you are sill convinced that Hamas is merely misunderstood read Khaled Abu Toameh HERE

Jewish Virtual Library also has a breakdown of Hamas’ history and a copy of its Charter. Pay particular attention to Hamas’ channeling of antisemitic tropes, rejection of freedom, the peace process (because that means Israel would continue to exist) and adherence to the same Islamist principles as Al-Qaeda.


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2 Responses to Yep, The Boycott of Israel is a call to Genocide

  1. Ricardo Ben-Safed says:

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    It really bothers me, that so many are blind to this.

    • asd2mom says:

      Ricardo- I am not so certain that they are blind to the truth but actually endorse it. They simply are trying to obfuscate so as not to be called an antisemite. As if wanting to destroy Israel and being an antisemite are mutually exclusive.

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