Are We Truly Choosing Liberty?

“We are our choices,” wrote Jean Paul Sartre. That is how history judges a person and will judge our society. Are we freedom-loving individuals who do not back down from a fight for our children’s future or are we the spineless sycophants who are guided only by material gain, self importance and fleeting political expediency?

So who are we America? Who will we be and where are we as a nation  headed? Most Americans are not happy with the direction of the country, yet we do nothing about it but reelect the same inept individuals to the political class, or even worse do not vote at all. The question is really one of responsibility. Do you take responsibility for your future and for your past choices?

It is easier to let someone else decide the hard questions for you. It is easier to blame some esoteric reason for your own failures. Taking a long look at yourself is not an easy prospect nor a joyful one. To tell yourself that you are the reason for your inadequate life is to basically say “well I screwed up,” and most people can’t do that. Especially in our culture as it exists today.

We are a narcissistic culture.  One in which we are supposed to be the stars of our own reality show. That in truth would not be a bad thing as long as it led to a productive and viable life. In our personal reality worlds we have to always win and if we don’t win then there has to be some outside evil force preventing our magnificence from getting through. This new age personification of self-delusion does not follow a positive path. We can never take responsibility for our own actions and especially our failures. We see this from  our  race-baiting, economically-divisive, identity-politic-provocateur of a President on down.

Many blame the helicopter parent and the trophy-self-esteem movement for this cultural phenomenon. But these are only the symptoms of the disease not the disease itself. If you believe that you are entitled to a particular living or a particular outcome in life, and that outcome cannot be met, then it has to be the surrounding environment that prevents it.

We are a culture of instant gratification. If a project or idea takes too long to bear fruit, we want nothing to do with its inception. Nothing can be your fault. It can’t be that you didn’t work hard enough, if you even know what hard work is anymore. It can’t be that you lack common sense, the ability to think, reason and understand. It can’t be that you threw away an education in exchange for quick highs, fancy sneakers or an iPhone. Your failure has to be because of your skin color, your gender or your religion. Never accepting a real quantifiable reason for your own malfeasance.

We are a culture that takes no responsibility anymore. Shuttling off issues to the “other.” Full of conspiracy theories and scapegoats for our own inadequacies and ineffectiveness. It’s as if we all have to have our own YouTube video, or “cabal” to blame for the meltdowns in our lives.

We, in the United States, have chosen to be lead by in inadequate man who appoints inadequate people to positions of extreme power. We, in the United States, have chosen to be lead by an inadequate man who cannot compromise, has disdain for those that do not think like him and openly contravenes the very building block of our country, the US Constitution. In fact, for that threat to overthrow our three branches of government, an absolute denigration of our God endowed freedoms and natural rights, the Democrats in congress gave our Spoiled-Brat-Child-Leader a standing ovation.

Whether you voted for the President or not, the majority of the country did and we are all Americans and all responsible for the nature of our country’s condition. We are especially responsible if we do nothing about the decline of our ethos, self-sufficiency and democratic values.

What are we America? Are we a nation so polarized and power hungry that one side is willing to throw our freedoms away to one delusional man’s temper tantrum? But where is the opposition? Where are those political elites willing to stand up and bring those who subvert the Constitutions to justice?

Are we a nation that no longer can think outside the media box and investigate the realities before us? Are we a people so self-involved that we forget what we are supposed to be building for our posterity? Are we so afraid of the truth that we allow ourselves to be lied to with impunity?

Do we truly want our children to live in a world that is run at the whims of the inadequate? Do we want to turn our own nation into another Syria, China, Russia, Iran or EU? Do we wish to have bureaucrats with no feeling for human individuality, the Statist that puts the good of the State before the humanity of the individual, decide  who we are to become and what right we have to consider ourselves human? Do we allow some faceless, paper pusher to decide what you can say, what you can believe and ultimately whether you have a right to exist at all? Do we allow the United States to turn into a socialist totalitarian state? Do we want our children to declare allegiance to the State uber alas?

Is it truly a lack of common sense or a sense of demoralization? Does the average citizen feel that they have no say in our process so they hunker down and try to just go on with their lives as best they can? Fear. Are we that frightened of the present that we have forgotten to fight for the future? Merely living day to day, contravenes the future and destroys hope for our children.

We must pull ourselves out of the cultural morass of narcissistic Hollywood. A cultural phenomenon that gives awards to pedophiles, while giving short-shrift the moral and honor bound of society. A wholly American cultural entity that gives endorsement to those that seek the obliteration of  American freedoms and liberties.  Is it not time to take back our right to build our own future and decide morality and ethics while not worrying about the endorsement of those that support this nation’s enemies? Right from wrong is not the purview of the criminal and neither should our culture be the final say of those who live with no filter, those who  live without boundaries, those who have a perverse sense of priorities and contemptuously believe themselves above the law.

We must pull ourselves out of the lies and economic distortions created by a defunct and shallow federal government. We must demand an end to an over-regulated economy, demand descent job creation and educational systems. After all it is our hard earned money that pays for the functioning of this nation and it is our right to say where, when, how and to whom our money should go. We have a right to demand that our government be accountable to us on every level and in every aspect of its existence. We must demand that our society go back to the inventive, risk taking Americans who led the way with technology, science and democratic individuality. We must trust in ourselves once again and not in our overlords. We have a right to demand that our government, federal and state, get out of our way.

If citizens believe that your rights are being denied, don’t whine do something about it. If citizens believe that you are marginalized in society, don’t whine, do something about it. Educate yourself. Work at fixing the issues and above all don’t blame someone else if you don’t succeed, blame your own lack of perseverance and fortitude. That is what Americans used to do. Buck up and grow up.

This ability to persevere in the face of the greatest challenges is what made us the freest, wealthiest nation in human history. We can do it again. We can resolve to be better than we were before. We can resolve to ensure an inheritance of democratic ideals to our descendents. It really is our choice as to what kind of future we will hand to our children.

This is how history will judge today’s Americans and whether we truly loved our posterity. What do you want history to say about you? What do you want your children’s children to think of you? In three generations shall we go from being The Greatest Generation to being The Most Subservient Generation and leave our descendents a legacy of Statist and political elitist oppression?

We make our own choices in life. We are what we choose to be. This is who we are. The choice after all is said and done is ours and ours alone, but unfortunately it is the future that will bear the consequences.

A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

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24 Responses to Are We Truly Choosing Liberty?

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  11. ymarsakar says:

    Voting is merely a totalitarian regime’s way to justify itself like Saddam’s 99% approval vote. It’s not better to vote for Obama vs not voting at all, which is what many people did in 2008 given their dislike of the Republican candidates.

    Voting and elections are not demonstrations of free will. No way in hell are a bunch of people going to get free will, after selling their souls to the Left, by “voting”.

    • asd2mom says:

      Actually I wasn’t really talking about those on the Left. They voted and voted for Obama. I was talking about those on the right who refused to vote for Romney or even McCain because they weren’t conservative enough or because Romney was a Mormon. When you do not vote you do allow the totalitarians to win.

      In another vein, we are as yet NOT a totalitarian nation and are a democratic republic. That is what we are fighting to keep. Also voting for someone on the left doesn’t necessarily mean the voter supports a totalitarian ideology. It simply means that they bought the package of “social justice.” They also don’t necessarily believe that the progressive form of leftist ideology will go the way of Russia, China, Cuba or Venezuela. It may be naive but it is not mean spirited.I do not take every leftist as evil, merely misinformed, and immature. That is why you find the majority of those on the left are extremely young and without life’s experiences. Now that doesn’t go for their mentors who definitely know what they are doing and the evil that they support.

      On the other hand, considering the Bible exhorts us to strive for JUSTICE that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is how that goal of justice is met that causes the problem.


      • ymarsakar says:

        I was talking about those on the right who refused to vote for Romney or even McCain because they weren’t conservative enough or because Romney was a Mormon.

        Those I include as well in my review. For example, Ann Althouse said she believed in the anti Mormon propaganda so voted for Obama in 2008. Yet Althouse is considered a “conservative”. Peggy Noonan also applies.

        • asd2mom says:

          I do blame Peggy Noonan for Obama in 2008 and others like her in the GOP establishment. Said so in my comments at the WSJ. Althouse bought the anti-Mormon nonsense but I think was actually only looking for a reason to vote for Obama.I don’t consider Althouse a Conservative or a republican. I see her as more of an independent. The problem there (with independent women) is the “War on Women” crap that the GOP didn’t really fight.If it wasn’t for Michelle Malkin, SE Cupp and Dana Loesch there would have been no push back on that meme at all.
          In truth the biggest issue in winning elections is the GOP establishment and their extreme ineptitude.You can’t keep blaming the media. Reagan won with the same disingenuous media as well. It has always been the same. The media has never backed a republican candidate, yet they did and can win. The GOP needs to stop whining and start finding strategies that ends in a win. They need to stop doing the same thing over and over and look outside their own comfort zone.


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