How frightening is this Hillary 2016 reality?

Can you imagine that looking down at you on a daily basis and deciding your future? It’s reminiscent of the boogeyman in a child’s nightmare.

Meanwhile not one mention of Benghazi in the entire NYT article and then this latest garbage…trying to blame Amb. Stevens for his own death. HERE

The question really is just what has Hillary accomplished to entitle her to become President of the United States? (Haven’t we seen that a POTUS with no idea what he/she  is doing is not a good thing for this country or the free world?) Yes she has held some interesting positions in the government, failed First Lady (remember the Hillarycare debacle or the “nuts and sluts” defense of her husband’s sexual peccadilloes), Senator from New York (what piece of legislation did she actually author that was successful) and now Secretary of State. But what did she do while in those positions? A women’s rights activist? Hardly. Her recent bogus attachment to the inane “war on women” meme, promoted by the democrats notwithstanding, she is anything but a women’s rights activist or the feminist ideal.

How is that famous reset with Russia? We can ask Edward Snowden who has been given asylum from US prosecution. Did Russia withdraw from Georgia? Have they passed more democratic legislation and allowed freedom of the press and speech? Is Putin using gas and oil to threaten Europe? How’s that LGBT issue of freedom going in Russia? Considering how in your face obstructionist Russia is being on a global scale, the Kremlin has absolutely no respect us now and Putin just laughs about USA largesse after dealing with Hillary.

What is the status of women globally? With the march of Islamists in the Middle East can anyone actually say that being forced to wear a burqa and denied an education is actually beneficial to women? What about the rise in honor killings, fgm, forced marriage and Sharia Law in the world? HERE,

Did she negotiate universal  freedoms, along with a positive American presence in the nations in which we spent treasure and blood? How are the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan? And yes it is her fault. Diplomats are supposed to smooth over the negotiations for needed treaties and agreements. These negotiations didn’t start when Kerry became SoS. They were her responsibility for the four years she was at the helm at Foggy Bottom. Apparently she is as respected worldwide as much as Dear Leader in the Oval Office.

As far as the Arab Spring was concerned she sided with the wrong guys, the Moslem Brotherhood, and promoted them as moderates. Moderate what? Only moderately wanting to bring in Sharia law? Only moderately murdering Copts? Only moderately turning western leaning Egypt into another Iran? Only moderately siding with Hamas? Only moderately promoting antisemitism reminiscent of Nazi Germany?  HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE

Let’s not forget her joining in with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to promote an international law that would prevent denigrating Islam. (The law would outlaw denigrating “religion” but the way the Islamists insult and defame both Jews and Christians it is apparent that this law is not concerned with the rights of the “People of the Book.”) She happily seems anxious to destroy western culture to appease Islamists. Freedom of speech apparently means very little to someone who wants to take an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution.

And that Iranian bomb seems to be happily moving along. Doesn’t appear that any of her negotiating in the past four years had any deleterious effect on the centrifuges churning in Tehran. Betraying the democracy movement in Iran doesn’t seem to have meant anything to the mullahs and their minions.

Libya, and the responsibility to protect……but apparently only when its convenient. Of course she could classlessly cackle like a fool when a dictator is brought down.

How is our relations with South America? Reaching out to the socialists governments didn’t seem to stem the tide of AL-Qaeda and Islamists inroads in that continent. AQ is known to fund drug cartels and Iran has had a hand in sending high-tech weapons to countries like Bolivia. Iran has made huge crossroads into South America evidenced by the fact that Argentina has decided to let Iran have a say in the report on the bombing of the Buenos Aires Jewish Center for which Iran is held responsible.

How is that relationship with China? Apart from the fact that China owns this country lock, stock and barrel now, what did she accomplish in dealing with China? Are they less aggressive towards their neighbors. Not in the least: telling the world what kind of relationship everyone is allowed to have with Taiwan;  moreover, China is threatening Japan, and causing mischief in the South China Seas. Many people may think this is a none issue, but when you understand that the sea lanes are the  very essence of international trade routes and China is trying to position itself  as overlord of the world’s economy with no fear of US retaliation then the situation becomes dangerous.Remember too that China has suggested that the world stop using the American dollar as the main international currency by which business is measured. (Read China Rising)

And don’t forget her wonderfully insulting speech how Israelis and Jews need to feel the Palestinians’ pain more so there would be peace in the Middle East. According to Hillary nothing is ever the Palestinians’ fault, even their Jew-hatred.

 Meanwhile here is the Global Risk Map.These risks didn’t just appear after madam Clinton left office. She had a hand in creating their worsening reality.

Here is the Global Risks 2013 report from the World Economic Forum.

Eurasia Group risk report 2013

GlobalPost risk assessment 2013


Repost from January 2013

Hillary Clinton in response to a question  about the attempted cover-up following the Benghazi attack:

“With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided to go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Let’s see, how about its important because…

You allowed your own hubris coupled with the venal selfishness of election oriented President Obama, to get in the way of the truth. Four Americans are dead and you tried to cover it up.

You tried to deflect the fact that the Obama administration allowed al-Qaeda and Islamists into power in Libya and North Africa and refused adequate protection for our ambassador even though he kept asking for support.

You LIED to the American people. You stood in front of the fours caskets of these dead Americans and you LIED, blaming their deaths on a ridiculous video.

You treated the American people with contempt and disdain, as if we are all uneducated dupes who have not an ounce of intellect in comparison with your own superego?

You are too spineless to stand up to an inadequate President and tell the truth, thereby showing true strength of character.(Not that you ever really had any in the first place.)

You felt it is in your own best interests to denigrate your position as Secretary of State and the trust the American people put in you, to defend someone you know has no business sitting in the oval office.

You chose political expediency over doing the right thing, yet again….Only this time it wasn’t a “nuts and sluts campaign.” Your political expediency caused the deaths of loyal and brave Americans. People that your boss allowed to die.


While the hearings on Benghazi were totally uneventful, a ridiculous circus to say the least, this one sentence compounded by the  complete lack of respect for the events that took place before and after the murder of these four American patriots should doom Hillary’s bid in 2016. The republicans need to replay that egotistical meltdown over and over until the day both Clintons finally truly decide to leave us all alone.

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