Not Surprisingly US State Department Agrees as UNESCO Cancels Jewish Cultural Exhibit…(Update) Oopsie Foggy Bottom Says “My Bad”

By now the world is used to UNESCO taking Jewish cultural icons and turning them into Moslem or Arab property. Whether declaring that Rachel’s Tomb is a mosque or that the great Jewish scholar and rabbi, Moses Maimonides (the RamBam) was actually a Moslem instead of a religious Jew, the UN is not want for a myriad of overtly anti-Jewish acts. This is not even counting the ridiculous obsession with Israel in the misnamed Human Rights Council or General Assembly. (Remember the interpreter who was caught on a hot mic lamenting the UN’s  insane Israel obsession.)

However, the latest outrage that has occurred is UNESCO’s canceling of an exhibit in Paris which details the 3500 year old attachment of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel. Apparently the Arab League wrote to UNESCO’s director and complained that somehow acknowledging the fact that Jews are actually indigenous to the area instead of colonizers would inhibit the peace process. Not surprisingly UNESCO caved. The US State Department actually agreed with UNESCO’s actions and refused to support the exhibit. According to State’s spokesperson recognizing Jewish rights in the Levant will stop the peace process from taking place. (Apparently late Friday, the US State Department decided to change course and now says UNESCO should not have canceled the exhibit. However, the US State Department did not support the exhibit from the outset as a sponsor even though Simon Wiesenthal Center had requested they do so.)

Sadly this action by the Obama/Kerry State Department does not come as a surprise.

1. State in an agreement with Iraq is sending back a treasure trove of Jewish artifacts, which had actually been stolen from their Jewish owners by the Saddam Hussein regime. The fiction here is that since the Jewish community of Iraq does not exist anymore, the artifacts are Iraqi property. Ignoring the reality that it was the Iraqi government that had ethnically cleansed its country of that Jewish community. A Jewish community that stretched back in time to the Babylonian era. Existing thousands of years before the first Arab colonizer set foot on Mesopotamian soil. The fact that the Iraqi Jewish community exists in Israel and in London, does not seem to matter to Obama’s State Department. It’s as if the police were to give back the illegally obtained material goods to the thieves instead of to their rightful owners.

2. Apparently Israel and Israel alone is the country responsible for incitement in the Middle East. The fact that the Palestinian Authority praises suicide bombers, terrorist and child murders does not matter to Obama and Kerry. State even refuses to call those released terrorists, terrorists.  In private State claims they say something. But considering that PA incitement is only getting worse, it appears they need to do something more than whisper. Maybe a public opprobrium, much like what happens with Israel, is in order. In fact, turning a blind eye to the PA’s incitement and antisemitism violates the State Department’s own rules about combating antisemitism.

3. Interestingly,  in one instance, one Israeli politician tells Kerry to basically screw off and holy hell breaks loose. The thin-skinned Obama characteristic and its animus toward Israel is showing through. Kerry is now refusing to meet with that individual and won’t conduct negotiations if he is present. (There was an apology….sort of.) It seems that according to the US government, the Jews of Israel are being ungrateful towards all the hard work that Kerry is doing on their behalf. Not withstanding the fact that Kerry/Obama have decided that the Israelis generally are too stupid to know what’s good for them, so these mavens of foreign policy in the Oval Office won’t listen to the Israelis, and like recalcitrant children the Israelis need to be punished by their American parental units. But the Jordanians, the Saudis and the Palestinians can call Kerry and Obama any number of names and lob any number of insults and nothing happens. In fact, more money, more arms and more obsequious behavior by Kerry follows suit after an Arab leader insult.

4. Also the Obama administration has started a meme reminiscent of their Israel-firster attack against Dennis Ross. If you don’t agree with his position, if you question what his administration and State Department think is best, you are labeled not as someone with a different point of view, but as a traitor, an Israel-firster. Someone bought and paid for by the secretive world-wide Jewish lobby. The intent is clearly expressed. If you are a good-Jew, want to be considered a patriot and worthy of being an American citizen, you will keep your mouth shut and let the Obama/Kerry train take another 6 million Jews down the proverbial rabbit hole. Meanwhile, American enabling terrorist supporters and traitorous NSA spies are given early release, possible clemency and Obama’s largesse.

5. Then there is the name-calling of anyone who supports Israel’s take on Iran as a “warmonger.” Anyone who is intelligent enough to see the folly in Kerry’s nonsensical Geneva agreement is now dubbed an enemy of the American people. Anyone who supports sanctions on Iran is no longer a loyal American with an alternative point of view.  Anyone who wants sanctions on Iran is someone who wants to sacrifice American children for the good of that world-wide Jewish conspiracy. That blood-sucking murderous cabal who only care about their own power and control. Those same blighted individuals who care nothing for the average American who will be sending their cherished offspring to do others dirty work. The Obama administration is actually attacking AIPAC , the pro-Israel lobby. Calling them warmongers and implying an insidious evil is at hand. Sadly, the party sycophant they employed to do this was none other than the Jewish Senator from California, Feinstein. She had the temerity to imply all this slander on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

6. When the topic of  Jewish refugees from Arab countries and their rights came up in discussion, the State Department spokesperson said that if they wanted they should be allowed to return to their nations of origin just like the Palestinians. Once again refusing to acknowledge the real history of expulsion, slaughter and the violation of the basic tenets of human rights by the Arab nations towards their Jewish citizens, or that these Jewish refugees are now part and parcel of Israel.

The fact that the Obama/Kerry State Department cannot acknowledge that the root of the Arab Israeli problem at its core is the failure of the Arab states to  acknowledge that Israel is a Jewish State dooms their peace endeavor.  The Arabs can sign any agreement if they wish, but if they do not accept the underlying premise, that the Jewish people have a right to their nation, then peace is an illusion and the enemies of the Jewish people will continue to foment terror and hate.

The truth is, State never wanted Israel to exist in the first place and the professional “diplomat” mind has not changed since Truman recognized Israel’s existence. They see Israel as a bar to the US’ hegemony over the Middle East. The US administration’s refusal to publicly espouse that the Jewish people’s roots go back in the Levant over 3500 years; that the Jewish people are infact an indigenous people of the area; that the Jews were forced from their homes over 2000 years ago; that the Jews were continually conquered by the imperialistic armies from Babylon, Persia, Assyria, Greece, Rome, Byzantium, Arabia (Moslems), Crusaders and  the Ottomans; and that the Jew-hatred found throughout Europe and the Middle East is an outgrowth of this historical imperialism, colonization and usurpation of the Jewish people’s land, shows that the Obama/Kerry State Department lacks any respect for the human rights of the Jewish people. This overt failure by the US State Department is simply indicative of the Obama Administration’s true refusal to accept that the Jewish people, like every people on the face of the Earth, have the right of self-determination in the land that gave birth to their religion, culture and society.

In other news, according to recent reports Mein Kempf  has become a worldwide best seller on Amazon kindle. Considering their attitude toward Israel, the Jewish people and especially US Jewish citizens,  you do have to wonder if the Obama Administration and the Kerry State Department might be buying that book in bulk.

UPDATE: Apparently due to the international embarrassment UNESCO has rescheduled the exhibit for June. We’ll see, we’ll see…..

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